Why A Typewriter

Almost here. The days and more importantly the nights are warming. Equinox happens today. After I type this, as, perhaps, you read this we will pass into longer days than nights. At last! We have the warm days upon us every day. Equinox! Hooray!

Why do I use a typewriter?

Long habits, I was typing some 45 years ago. My only lapse was when Steve Jobs decreed that there would be no typewriters at Apple. And while I have never been an Apple or a Mac user the logic of his statement held for my new to computing “yes!” enthusiasm. So I ditched typewriters. And I lost the sound of it – keeping it for years with the keyboards that clicked. Keyboards that kept the depth of keypresses and a sound, not THE sound but a sound.

Odd, getting keyboards that most replicate the characteristics of a typewriter. But I came back. Which echos the question, Why?

I do like the sounds of typewriting, when it is going well, when I am typing something and in the flow and making things on the paper. When I don’t the sound is faltering, going silent for batches. Sometimes for reflection sometimes for searching out the words I am after. On an enjoyable day, I like the sounds of the typewriter. The rhythm of the keys echoing my pressing fingers. Echoing my movement of fingers to create whatever it is.

In recent years the typewriter does not interfere with my thinking and writing with autocorrect or red lines indicating when I have typed something that other people will not. Am I mistyping? Is it some mistake or is it a word twisted to amplify the meaning. Please get out of my way, just like a typewriter does. Every time all the time.

It waits for me and my thoughts and my right or wrong text for me to read later it waits patiently.

And sometimes I feel poetic, and only a typewriter can fill that void,

— MichaelRpdx :: rkmm

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