Bye Bye 2020

Blessed few firecrackers tonight. There is that. There is also an end to 2020. Not that anyone seemed to like the year. We are done with it. At Last! We have made it. Well except for the Georgia elections, tRump getting out of the office, and what other stuff that can pop up to surprise us. There is that. Yes, there is that.

Geez, it would help to have something thought up to type about. This is not like Morning Pages where my pen flows over the page flowing out words. Even some that make sense.

Happy New Year! Happy New Year: Happy New!

I had thought, from something I read in Herb Caen’s column, that Oakland had the mildest climate in the USA. So I went to look it up. You know, on the Internet. All the articles seem to be promo pieces. LA, New Orleans, Hawaii, those are listed about “good weather” places. But not about mild, a place that lacks hot and cold days. So I can assert it but I cannot claim it as true. But, Kat, I believe that Oakland has the mildest climate in the country.

Tomorrow: a bit on writing implements. Fr from pencils through typewriters and, ahem, computers.

Good luck to you all! Let us hear it for 2021!

—- MichaelRpdx :: ih3k

Paper, Vaccine, Happy New Year

If you have access to YouTube, mosey on over, look up Joe Van Cleve and watch his recent bit on papers to type on. He goes through his history with them and settles in a favorite. Joe also, in my views, he trys to blog the thing and get it to have viewers to comment. Well, hmmm, as I type that it seems wrong. He has his blog on YouTube (not like the Vlog Brothers but in the same way of …) that is a separately highlighted (?) titled bunch of videos. In all of them he encourages people to comment. This place would be a great place for our collective impressions about paper to type on to show up. A place to gather it up to find. Yes, just search for him by name, if you have not done so yet. There is a lot of postings on typewriters there.

Yesterday I had a procedure that had been scheduled for April. They seemed to be hot on getting all of the stuff we had set for 2020 run through. Even though I am covered by Kaiser they had me go to OHSU. They paid out some pretty pennies for that. The nurse that did it was fine and we chatted about different thing that we could during my non-sedated state for it. As she was walking me out I asked about her Covid vaccine status. She had gotten hers earlier that week. It seems they, OHSU, has already administered 6,000 shots. So Yay! they seem to be well on their way. I had to be Covid tested before the visit, because I spent the time without a mask and the nurse standing next to me. Between my negative status and her vaccinated start, we were OK.

I hope all of you have a wonderful New Year’s Eve celebration tonight. We are planning on another Happy time together, alone together. There have not been any fireworks yet – so maybe we’ll be lucky. Side note, my wife received an email from a old friend, who reported that there are no available beds in Germany. They said there were no beds available for “Covid patients and not for drunks and fireworks.”

This typing was interrupted by a call from Kaiser. I get to go back for another, well a repeat, and we chatted a bit. It seems they have dome some 2,000 doctors and are asking them to vaccinate their patents Well, if I understood her. I do understand they are training everyone on administering the vaccine. Maybe we will have enough to do it all.

— MichaelRpdx :: rkmm

Sunday Walk

“Oh, God. I need to call them again.” My wife thought that thought or those thought every few weeks. The price of getting a Sunday New York Times delivered went back to its normal, way too high for us, price. She could call them. Say she was cancelling it. Explain the cost was too much. Be offered a “Special deal”, Take them up on it. Get a few weeks. See the price had gone up again. Repeat the process again. Until they time came that she did not want to bother with calling them and go through the process again. So she cancelled again. This time for good. No special would work this time. She cancelled.

In mid December I recalled her fondness for reading obituaries. I do not understand it or them. But she likes to read obits. I also remembered that the New York Times, Sunday edition, would publish their magazine, the last one of the year, filled with obits for all or at least a few special obits for the year. I could, I thought, pick up a Sunday New York Times and she could enjoy the obits. I, for once, thought about enjoying an obit or two. There were some untimely deaths this last year. It would be good to read what was remembered this year.

Today, the last Sunday of the year, I got up. It was twilight, dawn twilight, a favorite time of day. It was nearly 40 degrees, plenty comfortable. I thought it would be another great day for a walk. And I would get my daily walk done. So I did.

Hopefully the Sunday New York Times does the magazine of obituaries the first Sunday of a year to celebrate the deaths of the last year. They certainly were not in today’s issue. It was a good walk. Not quite two miles long and, Surprise!, I averaged 3.5 miles per hour. Which, for me, is a very fast pace. Now to maintain the pace while extending my distance. I did write about that a while ago, putting, myself on the hook. Making a promise in public. It is not something one should do. Do it first. Then talk about it later. I typically do things that way. It puts more pressure on myself to do “it”,

I will be out on the road next Sunday. On my way to Safeway. Hopefully — they will have it with the special edition of the magazine in the paper. Which, as I think about it, is the way they do it. Perhaps I was lying to myself. I needed a walk.

And I needed it.

— MichaelRpdx :: rkmm

Good Things 2020

In the week between Christmas and New Year holidays I take the time to reflect on the year, Despite the loads of drugs, err I mean medications, it was a healthy year. Nothing to report to a doctor. The first year in years I had no visits to a hospital, planned or unplanned. Take a deep breath of relaxation today. Yay for 2020. Did I just say that? “Yay for 2020.”? Yes, despite the year from Covid and Trump it was an OK year. My health remained good, we sold my in-laws house, I do not think we had any big plans for the year after those two items. Kent bought his first house, that was a shock that did not get me to fall over. Two or three of you retired, yay you.

Yay for 2020! What good things have happened in your life? C’mon, I know there have been good things happening in you life, fess up.

I am mostly thinking about next year in the form of writing. It is not that I have not been writing. I have been keeping a Morning Pages journal for nearly five years now. I tried to quite last year. That was like quitting smoking. (I do not smoke, but you understand how people do not quit)? I look at Bullet Journaling, and nah. I had no need to keep it brief and quick. I would hate to be pule, pulle, ((side note: when I forget a work, stroke side effect, I keep trying, in different forms until it comes again)) puzzling, That is it. I would hate to puzzle over what some half line of text means. I have enough problems reading my own handwriting. Not having enough journals (Cooked, Sketch, Morning Pages, Languages, One Typed Page, …) I am mulling over adding a log book. In the sense given by ships logs. A daily listing of things done or experiencing and just have that with references to other journals. Considering. That is taking up my attention span for next year. Hopefully this typing will help me figure that out.

I am also considering upgrading my journals to more expensive paper. Right now I am keeping everything in composition books. The kind used in schools. They cost about a buck for 100 pages, 200 things to write on. No worries about wasting money on them. $1.00 vs $9.95 or $22.00 for differing sizes. Yeah, one does save a lot of money. But, But, I spend, at best, 10 minutes a page. And that is Screaming along on writing. Taking 20 minutes is not at all unusual. I used to earn a lot more than I got paid for the cost of paper. Even if the paper cost much more, more than a buck a page, I spend a lot more on the time to type or write my thoughts. Why do I want paper to be so cheap to hold my writing? Even the stuff I toss aside costs more than the paper Am I so obsessed with saving money on buying paper while spending so much more on my writing? I am going to visit a store and something to write in. Give it a whirl.

And I will address the question about how the Royal KMM gets me to type

— MichaelRpdx :: rkmm

Happy Holidays

Merry! Merry! Ho! Ho! May all of you be heaving a wonderful holiday.

— MichaelRpdx :: ih3k

Merry Merry Ho HO

Almost Christmas

“Have a technicolor Christmas, cause the movies never close.” or “Have a technicolor Christmas if you’re Jewish, cause …” Tom Lehrer? I think so. Though movies do close, this year at least. So we will be having a Cantonese Christmas. They will be open, Ho Ho Restaurant is out neighborhood place. We will be celebrating this Friday with their food. There is no crowd to feed. No crowd to go visit. We are saving the cooking for the day before and day after, Boxing Day. We like Boxing Day, even of it is a British holiday. Or is it? Seems like it to me.

When I worked for a bank this was a time of light work. In IT everything was closed, in the change sense. No changes no anything because there were to be no unexpected outages from changes. Lots of people took the time off too. As in only the people who could not wrangle time off were at work perhaps that should be “at work” because with so many people out there was little to do. Make sure your documentation was up to date. Two hour lunches. We are happy for the Chinese restaurants for being open. Because we are not working on that day.

Happy happy holidays this year. My days will be filled with my medical staff putting in full days. Two a day tomorrow, well today, a day without food on Tuesday. Wheee! #XRAAAHAAMHAABHAARKARWER ABER ERR RR Weekend. What will I do? Why are they packing in procedures before the end of the year? It is like they are trying to get their billing booked. It is one way to get yourself seen. Updates on next Tuesday night.

— MichaelRpdx :: ih3k

Midnight Diner and Breakfast

It was called, I think, I believe, Midnight Diner. It was about a diner that opened at Midnight and ran until daylight. On the menu there was only one disk, a pork miso soup. But the owner would make anything the person wanted. It seems he did have the ingredients to make anything. At least we never saw him turning a person down. It, the Midnight Diner, was small, about 12 seats all on a counter. The one guy helped everyone. Besides the food, wonderful Japanese food, he listed to people. Sometimes offering a bit of wisdom, but mostly he just listened. Of course there were people talking with each other, there was a lot of help that way. If you have Netflix, are OK with reading subtitles, this could be a nice thing to watch.

Perhaps I will have some Grape Nuts. Perhaps I will have some potatoes, boiled, smashed, fried with onions and whatever is in the refrigerator. Breakfast is still over twelve hours away. It does not hurt to think ahead. Then again, it has been quite awhile since we have had oatmeal. We thought, at one time, that we would have oatmeal every other day. You know, oatmeal is good for you. You do know that, right? Well, there are hours to contemplate breakfast.

This is the kind of things I type about when I do not have an idea about what I want to type about. So I type “It was called …” and off I go on a memory. Or “perhaps I will …” and well there we are. Or here we are.

MichaelRpdx :: ih3k

Habits We Have

rrr – I think I understand your word counting method. kinda, sorta. And I totally understand your comments about The things one can find there! Team them up with Project Gutenberg and you have a whole lot of stuff to work through. There is a whole lot of learning to do out there. Thank you.

Ilkley, England – I am enjoying your varied posts here. From the poetry to short stories are a delight. Thank you.

I did the math today. How much I need to do, to walk, each day to hit my goals. It seems very doable. After finishing the math and making a chart, a spreadsheet with places to put in my weekly average, I took off on a walk. Week two is complete. Like One Typed Page it is something that I do, go to sleep, and wake up to another time waiting to do it again. A habit. That is what it is and what I am trying to put into my life.

More good habits, it is what we cultivate.

— MichaelRpdx :: ih3k

[rrr and Ilkley, England are both writers on One Typed Page. Link at the top of the page. Check them out.]

On The Hook

Way back when, when I was a “beer journalist” I thought, one day, that I had broken my foot. I set up an appointment with my doctor, Dr Ralph Yates, and went in, After listening to my description he had me take off my shoes. At one glance he said, “You’ve got gout.” “No, it hurts too much.” “Yes, but you have gout. We can get an x-ray so you are assured, but you’ve got gout.” I limped down to the x-ray place and got one. One that showed there was nothing wrong with my bones. I had gout.

We discussed treatment. It has been nearly 20 years since then. All I remember is that of all the treatments only one made sence to me: exercise. I bought a bicycle, a Bike Friday. (Yes, the place that Kent works at today.) And I started to ride. My commute to work was five miles. This, bicycle commuting, was a path to curing gout. With commuting I no longer had a choice about to get my exercise or not. I had to go to work. I was a bicycle commuter so I had to ride. And so I did.

Talking with a brewer he volunteered to ride with me on a long ride sometime. I heard about RACC, Ride Around Clark County. They had a metric century as one option. The brewer had suggesting a half century, 50 miles, as the long ride. I countered with a metric century. He liked that, I was upping the distance.

I did that ride. And others followed, Monster Cookie, that was one that I completed. There were other rides that I completed. And many that I did not complete. But I kept plugging away at it. Then one day I rode a 60 miles to celebrate Del Schaffenberg’s birthday. Afterwards, I wished him well and left. I had a ride I was hosting. It was an Ice Cream social for Slug Velo. We went to three or four ice cream places. We did not drop anyone. That was a thing about Slug Velo rides we made sure everyone was welcome and nobody, not anybody, got dropped. I had ridden a metric century before the Slug ride. Metric Centuries had become normal, just time on the bike.

Last week I walked seven miles, a mile a day. Well I do it at two miles an hour. This is a lot like when I started bicycling. Slow, not very far. With a full year of not going to the hospital for the first time in four years I am setting goals for my walking. Get my pace up to three miles per hour. And to resume the goal I had when I went into the aortic valve replacement and stayed there for six weeks. I had a goal of a half marathon, 13.1 miles. I was up half of that quickly and then 10 miles. I was set to complete the half marathon in early October. Instead I was just being transferred to rehab location after a month in the hospital.

It is easy to see the distance goals, The aerobic conditioning is tougher I do not know how much I can increase my speed. But I have it anyway.

Those are my physical goals for 2021 On a base of a mile a day at two miles per hour.

— Michae1Rpax :: rkmm/48

Morning Pages, What I’ve Noted

Write about Producing vs Consumption
WA O Scribbles vs Handwriting
Reading differences electric vs paper
A bit of a wait
Losing/Lost memories due to a stroke
Pen wealth – I am OK with it
I used to be able to spell
Ryan Holiday review of book and ending with procrastion
Tipping the photograph with full postugue vs postcards 55 vs 35 carts per card
Procrastination in reading about procrastination
Worlds smallest alphabet only 12 charters Rotokas
4, Ways to coffee
Why I follow news,

I often complain about not having something that I can or can bring to mind something to type about. Yet all of those are notes to myself about what I can write about. They were all scribbled down as notes to myself about what I have to write about. To type about. You may recognize the one thing I did write, type about.

Holy cow, it is after 7:00? I was up and down all night.
A little delay Ehikes for chumpers, other online misc. 90/10 Biden/Trump
A rabbit hold of what might be. Trashed ballots. What? Why?
It is early – I decided to get up.
Up and puttering about. Went back to bed remembered dishes. U p again.
Yes, we are up. We are alive. The count goes on.
Well, yes I can still do it after being up awhile.
Yes, up. ready to go. Here we are in America.
Up early, after meditating in bed. Oven is preferring.
Up late, read a bit in curiocity.
Up late and then coffee, breakfast, cutting circles. Not first thing.
Deciding to write. no matter how late ti is.
Yes, awakeness ( get a synony

Holy cow, it is after 7:00? I was up and down all night.
A little delay Ehikes for chumpers, other online misc. 90/10 Biden/Trump
A rabbit hold of what might be. Trashed ballots. What? Why?
It is early – I decided to get up. ©
Up and pettering about. Went back to bed remembered dishes. U p again.
Yes, we are up. We are alive. The count goes on.
Well, yes I can still do it after being up awhile.
Yes, up. ready to go. Here we are in America.
Up early, after meditating in bed. Oven is prefeating.
Up late, read a bit in curio&gity.
Up late and then coffee, breakfast, cutting circles. Not first thing.
Deciding to write. no matter how late ti is.
Yes, awakeness ( get a synomym for that) up again, again.
Up, yes up. Weare going again again.
Up in the morning. Doing well, or so I think.
At 8em. Ready to bake back a loaf.
Quiety awake – Hey! Hey! Figured out setting on heart monitor.
Not scribbling today. Just being here.

Where those lines are the “How you feel” portions of my Morning Pages from October 31 through November 23. There is plenty more, back until April 19, 2015 through this morning.

Those are all the things that I type, or write, when I “cannot think of what to write.” Not having something to write is a strange state to be in.

— MichaelRpdx :: rkmm/48