Welcome to August

My favorite month is now here. Yes, we have a lot of hot days ahead of us. Yes, we will have cooling days ahead of us. It is a glide path into Autumn. Yes, my favorite season. Welcome! Welcome to August:

One Typed Page, gee there is a point to this title, just type m a page, or a portion of it, every day. It is good for you. It is like drinking coffee or brushing your teeth or whatever it is you do every day. That you have to keep you going. Well, coffee keeps me going. Brushing my teeth keeps me out of the dentist’s office. Most of the time.

Every August I do a “thing of the month” and my thing for the month is to blog, or write something l put up on the web, kinda publishing. … Well, this is a way of me saying I will be here every day. Because that is what August is all about.

Professor of Rock. He was introduced to me by Kent. That was a couple of hours ago. Remembering the days of a lot less traffic. Remembering the day so more heat but we did not mind the lack of air conditioning. We got out and got sweaty. And I need to slow down on the memories because there are too many

This August is a special one. I turn 65 during the month which means that I start on Medicare today. For many of you that, perhaps, is not a big deal. For me, well I have used lots of my medical insurance.

A big lot. Enough that I write a letter of thanks to the heart team at Kaiser, letting them know that I am still here and still very happy with the six weeks I spent in the hospital back them. 1t is four years ago and I now have a graduation from that events. Those events. Still here, still working on my health, still being very aware of how things can go badly during a “procedure” and cascade through a whole bunch of nasty.

Now I am going to go find the video of guys hanging out at a seaside bar, one of them picking up a shark’s jaw and chasing around the bar. I just need to remember.

— MichaelRpdx :: ih3k :: 2022-07-31

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