Hot Dog What a Day

Sometimes it rains and sometimes it rains. It will rain all day with light drops all of the time. At other times the heaven open up and dump down water so thick you pull over and wait it out. We had the latter and I did. God it was fun.

Hot dog! The cafe is reborn! A favorite breakfast cafe has reopened. The “New Arleta Café” is with the Portland area again. Now to show up at a time when there is not a line feeding business to the Space Monkey Coffee House ~~ next door. I bet they are happy too. Can you recall Biscuit n Gravy with your choice including corned beef hash as part of the “biscuits and gravy”? Or your choice of mushroom or sausage gravy? If only the lines are not too long.

Like my new erasure?

Today at noon I was meditating. I was interrupted. Why? Because there was a peacock wandering up our street. What? A peacock? Yep so it seems. I went out to find it with its tail in full fan. And then I had another it never happens again event. My phone’s camera did not work. What? Well shuckums. I had to enjoy the bird’s wonder..

One day with two wonders.

Now it is time to work on “If I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate”, go search it on YouTube. It is fun, real fun.

— MichaelRpdx :: ih3k :: 2022-05-27

Birds be Good

When we first bought this house and moved in we saw what I assumed to be bluebirds. Not so. Bluebirds are not common in our area. What I had seen was a scrub jay. The blue coloring is interrupted by a white patch on its back and the belly. They are common in our area. And we do see one or two pairs each year. There was one flitting about as I mowed the lawn. Yes, another mowing day. This lawn was now nearly as thick as the front area so I got enough cut down. And it was getting close to the end when I got a treat. A stellar jay appeared. It is not like they are not found in our area. Just not in Portland. Or not in the densely populated part of Portland that I live in. I would see them in abundance in my in-laws house. Jut hare? No, no sighting of the dark blue with a prominent creast, crest. Yes that was a treat.

A stellar jay made my day.

I am going to go watch something. Something.

— MichaelRpdx :: ih3k :: 2022-05-25

Sitting Around

Sittin’ on the couch. It could be the edge of a bay. But it is not. It is the couch. Actually we have two. One full sized and one “love seat.” Well, three if you count the futon downstairs that we are planning to give away. As soon as we figure out how to get enough room to move it out of the basement. If you are familiar with the puzzles where there is just one space and you have to move the pieces around to get them arranged, from one to fifteen. I think they are called warehouse puzzles. Now I get to play it in real life with real items to move around to get the room to move things into.

Sittin’ on the couch letting thoughts flow through my mind spiraling around bringing memories to mind and I wonder why. Gol darn, how was that for a run-on sentence? That is what sittin’ on a couch just letting thoughts flow is like. Well, for me and my thoughts are like. Perhaps you have a more ordered mind and your random thoughts are concise bits of subject, verb, object constructions. In my language studies, there are some in which that type of thinking does not work, not even to the way proper English does it. (Latin and Esperanto being the examples.)

Sittin’ on the couch. It is a way to spend a day until I decided to get out and cut off the dead pieces of a fig tree and a white lilac and a volunteer hazelnut tree. There would be not hazelnut trees volunteering if squirrels remembered where the put the nuts and were hungry enough in the winter. It took the place of mowing * today. All of them would be there tomorrow. The lawn lost, or was it won?, the what gets to be done today.

Sittin” on a couch today I did do some things. Word puzzles, studying Esperanto, Morning Pages written, read a bit of Kafka on the Beach, practicing Ukulele playing, meditation, those are all the things I did while sittin’ around today.

-—- MichaelRpdx :: ih3k :: 2022-05-23

And all of that comes from typing “Sittin’ on the couch” and watching where it would go.

Mow Mowing

The battery lasted all through the day today. It lasted all through the second day. On a summer day they batter would last for all of t e front yard and a good chunk of the back yard. But this lawn was thick and high. “No mow May” was or rather is the motto for those of us who have heard that it helps the migrating birds. So we gave it a whirl. But I saw we had close to a week of no rain days and took the chance to mow it. There was knee-high grass. There were no longer dandelions they were crowded out by other plants a week or two ago. But golly there was a lot of grass out there. It is about 1000 square feet in the front. Stopping to empty the lawn bag, that was six or seven times. A couple of those were so full that clumps of grass followed the wheels it was too full and bunched up and mushed down and went under the high-placed lawn deck. Each day left me exhausted.

There was a time when I did not need to mow my lawn. My father-in-law did it for us. Back when I weighed 50 pounds more than I do now. Back when I answered the medical person’s question “Are you allergenic to anything?” with “Only to lawn grass and kittens.” I was not making this up. When I dated a nurse she worked in an allergen office and got me in to see what I really was allergic to. Johnson and Bermuda grasses, and cats. And that was when I weighed 60 pounds less than I do now. But anyway, I mowed the lawn before my in-laws came to visit. They found me prostrate on the couch, sneezing, eyes running, it was bad. My father-in-law said he would come up and mow our lawn. As it turned out he, freshly retired, did enjoy it. I am a very lucky: guy:

Tomorrow we attack the backyard. It, fortunately, is level from side to side. But oh geez, there are some clumps that are knee high.

-— MichaelRpdx :: ih3k :: 2022-05-22

PS Yes, as an adult my weight ranged over 100 pounds. I used to say “healthy weight” but I learned that was not the case.

Chocolate, Bus Stops, Mowing

“We eat a lot of chocolate in the parking lot.” She laughed as she said that. Her mom joined her in the laughter. There is a grocery chain called Grocery Outlet. It seems to be limited to west coast states, Idaho, Nevada and Pennsylvania. It seems to buy items that for whatever reason do not make it to the big chains. They would get all sorts of chocolate. They started to eat it in the parking lot after taking home a lot of Hungarian chocolate. It was terrible. Uneatable bad chocolate. After that experience they would try it out in the parking lot. This morning I had a breakfast sandwich of sausage, egg, and cheese all on an English muffin. It was fantastic. And Vegan. Vegan? Yes. And there was just one. I am the household guinea pig. 1 returned to buy all they had. And I went to another store to buy more. We have eight now. On days when we need a quick and easy breakfast we are ready.

Last night when I was not typing a page I went out with friends for the monthly “let’s have a beer” night. OK, so “a beer” turned into three of them. But that was pretty normal for a once a month get together. What makes this month special was I vowed to take a bus to and from. I used to drive. Then I would take a bus there and a Lyft home. Getting there was easy. In fact the bus let me off at the front door of the Steeplejack place- I had never been there and will not go out of my way to return. And, AH, I should mention the group is a west side group. That seems like it is far away. It certainly seems like that. According to Google it would take about 20 minutes. On a bus, 55 minutes. But that is one the way there, with commute traffic. Coming home at 8:00 or so the buses run much less frequently. I had lots of time to consider my inebriation and all the other things that one can consider when feeling cold because this area has not yet warmed up. It also gave me time to look at the bus shelter. I think it is a one of a kind.

You have heard, perhaps, that there was a No Mowing May thing going on to support migrating birds: I am beginning to become convinced it is a being put out by lawn mower repair people. I cannot take it anymore. I will be mowing. Where we are going to put all of the clippings I do not know. There will be a bumper crop of it.

— MichaelRpdx :: ih3k :: 2022-05-20

My Headache Is Better

She doesn’t wear goggles because she’s too cute. What with the helmet and all and riding the motorcycle zooming along as she jumps it and takes her hand off of the throttle to reach for a balloon. She grabs the balloon and come to a smooth stop right in front of a young woman and her baby. She holds the balloon out for the baby to grasp the string and make all right with the word. I saw all of this on a Taiwanese video on Netflix. Oh garsh! It was so perfect. I left my wife to type this while she, my wife, works on her language skills. She , my wife, is a bit confused by one, or maybe a few, videos conversing together in different languages. Mandarin and Korean speakers going sack and forth as af: they were speaking the same language but they are not. She, mostly, understands the Mandarin completely.

The Korean is a work in progress.

Like all fiction pieces, we ask each other “why do you question anything about this stuff?” I know that I do not question anything I see because I suspend my disbelief completely.

We are watching “Ridley Road” a story about Jewish people infiltrating a Neo-Nazi group in 1962. It-is part of what PBS has produced and is airing. My only real question is will it meet a good enough reception to have season two produced. It is presented as being based on real life events. I hope, like I did for the first season of “Cowboy Bebop” which Netflix has cut off no season two no completing of the animated version, that they do complete. I hope.

The muse does not come to visit if you are not typing and sometimes she stays away even as you type, or do other things. It is the 18th! 1 am one month away from a family reunion. I am the oldest of all of the cousins being the first child of the first family. There is a healthy herd of cousins, they spread from one that is 6 years younger to a woman who will turn 16 this year.

I need to practice typing on whatever I decide to take to Montana.

-— MichaelRpdx :: ih3k :: 2022-05-15

Our Racist History

Andrew Jackson, were you aware that there is no recorded reason for why he appears on a twenty dollar bill? It might be due to the 100th anniversary of his election as president but golly, we have had lots of 100 year anniversaries. Ron A brought this subject up. Wondering hwy, why Jackson? Because we are collectively a bunch of rasists. racisesest whatever. We are them or unable to work out way out of it.

But he also talked about Susan B Anthony. Someone we can look up to. He suggests that she would do fine on a $20, but that honor, if we get around to it, goes to Harriet Trubman. Well deserved.

Do you remember the one dollar coin minted for Susan B Anthony? It was first minted in 1979. That is a time I will not, not ever, forget. One of the tallest buildings in, home at that time, Boise, Idaho. They, it, had a bar on the top floor. Great views of Boise. It was Summer time. The owner announced that he would run a special. Any drink for one one dollar Susan B Anthony. We had to go! My boss, Kim Day, head salesman Kelly Suigo (sp??) met there. Kim and I had picked up a roll of dollar coins. We unrolled the coins and spent them on … well, it has been a few years since then. Other friends Showed up. We toasted Susan B. According to Kim, one of the things I ordered was Cointreau. They did say anything they served for $1 if it was a Susan B Anthony coin. In a time of 25 cent beers this was still a great time.

I am going to go off and recall, at least what I can, those days.

Though first, yesterday sparked some discussion about abortion. Leo’s comment piece is a fine read. You should. I have a hard time addressing the issue. I do not have the agency to speak out on the issue. But I do not wish to remain quiet either. I can and will go stand quietly in support. I cannot condone with silence. So I will not.

—— MichaelRpdx :: ih3k :: 2022-05-17


Walked to the post office today. There is a bit of a hill right when I start out. It is tough for me. Thomas, while I do not enjoy reading about people’s health issues I am interested in them. And shit oh dear, you had quite the scare. Please do not be hesitant to talk and type about your continuing issues.

Keep on Truckin’ Mike, your wheat beer sounds interesting. I suggest that you give it another tyr try when you have your first hot spell. Here in the pacific northwest we just have not had the right weather for wheat beers – yet. Yes, an erasure would be nice. But then you all would not hear about ummm what? You all would not read about my mistyping, would that be more fun?

Along with an erasure, it would be good to write down whatever it was I was thinking about writing today. Or any day. Getting used to, accustomed to this typewriter would be nice also. It certainly is nice to have a pair of typewriters that both feel so comfortable. So very comfortable.

Boy, that love note to him from her was so very special so very special. You are a lucky guy.

“Make it or Take it” that has a nice rhyming to it but it lacks ##% in the meaning. Do you make something or take it from someplace. Bread – do you make it or buy some stuff? Stuff to read? You all are makers there, with your One Typed Pages. This page is #276. At least according to the counter of the place where I copy these daily, well not quite for me, Sometimes there is some good stuff there. Other times there is this wandering around like today. like today. Now to go cogitate and come up with “Make it or …” with a better tail end of the saying. I will let you know when I come up with it.

— MichaelRpdx :: ih3k :: 2022-05-16


You’re maybe thinking “what is up here?” And you would be right. Not much is here. Like yesterday when I went to the Final Fred Fest. Fred Fest has changed quite a bit over the years. Fred Fest was set up to honor Fred Eckhardt, a famed Beer Writer. Portland was very lucky to have Fred as a resident. He died in 2015 and we all still honor him. Where honor means to get together and drink beers. I joined in yesterday.
But I digress…

You can look up Fred Eckhardt on Wikipedia. I checked with a pair of friends to find out when Fred Fest started. That was on Fred’s 80th birthday year. So that puts it at 2006 The event has been hosted by Hair of the Dog, a famous, well to beer people, brewery. That place is closing down this year when its founder Alan Sprints retires this year.
But, I digress again…

He also hosted “Chocolate and Beers” in the late 90s. It was an event that my wife, heck even my in-laws went to. It was a delicious night. Or evening of “name that beer” where Fred would have a beer delivered to all attendees and we had to figure out what beer it was. We were given three questions that we guessed to narrow the scope. “is it an Oregon beer?” or “is it European?” I do not recall the number of guesses we had. Maybe, but one time i& was Old Crusteanean (sp) a barleywine with a very distinctive hop profile that IDed the beer right off. Old Crustacean (sp right).
But I digress again….

Fred would ramble a bit when talking to an audience. Which we loved. He would often digress.

— MichaelRpdx :: rkmm :: 2022-05-15

I should, perhaps, digress some more.

Letter and A4

It does not seem like too much of a difference. Unless, you want to hang your head in shame or disgust over the local continued … wait I looked it up. It is not just something confined to USA, like our lack of metric sizing for bolts and nuts and all those things. Letter, the size, is the standard in 10 countries, mostly the Americas. A4 is the stand is the west of the world. I am familiar w with this issue because … well I do not remember why I got interested enough in the matter to have both sizes in stock . IF you want to have an “Office” sized paper the Letter or A4 are both nice sizes. If you want something nicely sized for notes. Then you want A5 and whatever they call the notecard size in the letter sized range. But here is the nice part of A4 and A5 sizes – an A5 is one half the size of an A4. So I can take the A4 nicely trim it in a paper cutter (of which we have a couple) and we would have two A5 bits of paper. Which I intend to do for the letters I hope to send out someday.

Is there a point to all of that? Nah, I just started to type on my first Letter sized bit of paper and this came tumbling out of my brain and onto the paper. And I am eyeing the sight of One Typed Page things that I have done on Al) paper and I have to run them through the paper cutters in order to have them fit in the 8 1/2 x 11 , shucks run them through the 8#x11 binder I keep them in.

How did our country come to keep the standard of Europe for musical notation, well mostly?

I think I will indulge in some Ted Lasso for, to steep in, some good old American and UK differences.

—- MichaelRpdx :: rkmm :: 2022-05-13

Friday the 13th? So far so good.