Made The Distance

He wrote, he actually typed this in for public consumption? “I swear, this is my very *last* commentary on copyrights, licensing, etc.” Those are brave words on a subject where not everyone has commented on the matter(s) yet. Hold those thoughts, I have something else to talk about first.

61,728 words are my absolute, final count of words for (oh gawd here I go again) NaN oWriMo or NaNoWriMo editing of my First First Draft “novel”. And change the word editing in that prior sentence to typing or blurting or fill in the bland blank substitute you have for it. In any case, I have completed my first draft of what I am referring to as First First Draft which no matter what I wrote there will not, in the large part show up in a novel. But it is DONE.

So about copyrights, licensing or the whatnot. First, my disclaimers. I have many works under a license here.

As an example: OR My tangling with this issue goes back to 1994. I thought a lot about licensing a lot. It was the kind of thing you thought about when you were a nerd that hung around with nerds and we would argue about these, and many other, issues.

Mine are licensing under the CC-BY-SA-.0 which to save you looking it up is Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International What a mouthful. And after years of thinking on this matter and joining through the different licenses, I have come to the conclusion: it does not matter. If you have a lot of money burning holes in your garments then fine, get it licensing get a bunch of people to monitor the everywhere to find violations, and then send out search and desist letters the spend the money to put the fires out. And while you are at it, pat yourself on the back for keeping people employed.

Otherwise, a nice stern letter will do you as much good. Do not expect a post from me tomorrow, After a month of typing way too much on a first draft novel, and it was a first for me, I will take the day of writing off.

MichaelRpdx :: rkmm 2021-11-30

Saying What

When Kent sat down to write about Writing Naked* the words which came out of his fingers were not what he had sat down to type. He did get around to the original thread and he typed enough to go to a second page. I was hoping for that, to have words flow from my fingers until I got to the end of a page, I was hoping for that to occur on this page. Nope.

It is not happened (change is to has OR happened to happening whichever working words fit here for your taste there) yet.

I do that once and a while here. I go to type a word and it is the wrong word so I pause consider my choices and change what I was saying. Change what I was going to type | to a new sentence so 1) I do not need to erase what I wrote, or 2) it is kinda fun. Think up a new whole sentence based on a typo that is not a typo in the new sentence. Sometimes I get around to whatever it was I had in mind. Sometimes I get to take off in a new direction. Yes, a whole new direction due to a mistyped word.

In times like this one where it is difficult to come up with a coherent train of typing, it is difficult to keep the train going down the tracks of thought. Very hard today. Onward.

Mush huskies, mush! For it is getting warm and we need to get to Dawson. Get to Dawson before there is no ice to travel on. Mush huskies, mush!

I would say that to myself once in a while. Even if I had never been to Alaska or driven (what is the word for that?) a team of sled dogs. Never have I done those things or talked with someone who had done either. Well, OK I have talked with people from Alaska. But never about the task of going anywhere there.

But I would say that to myself. I do not know why I had. I do not know where the words came from. But there they were, there they are.

MichaelRpdx :: rkmm        2021-11-29


* He actually wrote about Write Naked by Peter Gould.
My bad.



The library, the library, oh how I love the library. I walk through the doors of the local branch, well it seems, twice a week. There are many reasons to go to the library. But I just go for books. (another reason to go there follows)

Typically when I go to pick something up I have books to return. My recent trip was no exception, four or five books to return, and one or two to pick up. Dirty secret time.

I do not read all of the books I check out. If I do not like a book or the whatever about it I stop. I do not have the ability to read through things at my s l o w reading pace just cannot afford to keep a book.

There is another reason to not finish a library book. On Writing, Stephen King, being an example. I got it from the library and decided it was a keeper. So I ordered a copy and returned theirs when it arrived.

Another reason to get something from the library (referenced above) is the Oxford English Library dictionary. It is that edition with citations for a word for as long as it has existed. You are in need of what “making love” meant 100 years ago? That is the place. Etymology? You have it here.

Hmmmm, I guess I should include Kanopy the movie source mentioned by someone here a while ago. Great films. Even great documentaries.

Digression: While you do have to wait a year to get season two of Cowboy Bebop you can, if you are OK with the differences in the plots, wait? you get a different but mostly the same sets? It is different enough to watch the animated original. Tonight I heard my wife singing. It was Fly Me To The Moon. Why that? It shows up during bits and pieces of the plot. This triggered a bit of disagreement about it.

That is jazz.
No it’s not. It is good.
It is JAZZ.
No, it is good.

My wife hates jazz.

MichaelRpdx :: rkmm 2021-11-28

First First Book

The wall, I hit it today. This was not a 2,000+ word day. It was not a 1,667+ word day. Nor a 1,000 or 750 word day. The last time I checked I was at 261 words. Maybe I will add another 39 words to hit 300.


I have until Tuesday night to hit 60,000 words for the month. I am pretty sure 1 can do that. Then I will have my “First First Draft” and it will be time to dig in and do a series of rewrites. I think, emphasis on think there will have something 1 sorta kinda will have something to show to close friends. Although why they will want to is a bit of a mystery. Heck, an intro I started with named three books to go read first. (only three?)

Keep on Trunkin’ Mike, do bear in mind I am retried. So it became my day job. And then my work took me from three to four, maybe five, hours a day to do. And, and this is a biggie, my wife was very supportive. Make that extremely supportive. Those two things really made it possible for me. I can see it for someone with a full-time job. Two and a half hours on workdays, eight to ten on weekends. Perhaps a well-planned book where “all” you need to do if you are going to do it, is fill in the blanks. Perhaps to use the advice of Anne-Marie NicLemore’s advice: don’t consider what you have written to be even a part of your finished book. It was something you wrote. Something you passed by on your way. Yes, it was part of what you wrote. It has little to do with your finished thing.

Hopefully, I will get this out of my system and on to the rest of my life.

MichaelRpdx :: h3k 2021-11-27

Turkeys Are Gone

Yeah, it is about time. The turkeys have come and gone and they will no longer be staring at me as I type each day! Hooray, hooray!

This month-long thing that I will not name is grinding me down. Yes,I did hit the 50,000 words. But, for some reason, I refused to give up Before the end of the month. The only difference is that I no longer will go to 2,000+ days a week. Now I just, or should I type “just” need to hit 1,667+ words a day. Only a few more, only a few.

We are watching Cowboy Bebop which came out in 1998 but, but, but Netflix has released a redo of Cowboy Bebop. With live-action people. It is slightly less risque. Less? Well Slightly. In either case, it is a lot of fun. Lots of fun.

I am plotting activities for December. One of the big lessons is my ability to spend four hours a day on “something”. So what I am doing in December will take up to four hours a day.

I can promise you it will not involve watching a TV or my screen.

MichaelRpdx :: h3k 2021-11-26

PS Grumpy old man moment here. Blake Black Friday? BAH! We did not even go to the library to pick up books. No, it is not Black Friday. There are plenty of days to get out of the way to spend time with your family.

On Reading and TV

Reading takes time. A lot of time that I used to have more of. There was a time when I bought a book, say, The Getaway from Jim Thompson, and I would finish it in a night. What is this all about? Buy something to read for pleasure and then the pleasure was over so quickly. What is up with this? I forced myself to read slower. There was nothing to be gained by reading quickly. Now after having a stroke I read even slower. It is too bad that I may only have one reading speed. A fast and a slow would be nice. But I do not and so it is.

I was (finally?) reading On Writing by Stephen King. I do not recall reading King before now. I had seen movies based on his books, “Carrie” comes to mind. None of them inspired me to read him. But here I am reading ON Reading a little late for getting advice about wait a minute, the book is On Writing not Reading, sheese, now you know where my head is at because he spends a lot of time advocating reading.

He is a slow reader. That is his description. He gets through seventy or eighty books a year. (Which I misread as seven or eight books a year) He reads a book everywhere. Waiting in line at the grocery store? He is reading. That applies to any situation. He spends an hour a day on a treadmill, reading. Even driving. Audiobooks before you snort out the coffee you were drinking.

He also goes on a rant about TV. You have heard of authors who would rather do many things besides watch TV. King is among them I enjoyed, as in laughing out loud, at many of hi his statements about watching TV. I will close with a favor


Reading takes time,
and the glass teat takes too much of it.
– Stephen King, On Writing

Yes, it does take time just like opium does.

— MichaelRpdx :: rkmm      2011-11-23

From 70 to 50,000

KORT Grangeville! and You’re listening to the voice of the Treasure Valley, KYME Boise. Those are (or were in the case of KYME) variants on station ID, required by the FCC to be announced every hour. They were both pivotal pieces for me. KORT was my first real job. I even spent the afternoons at KORT for the spring semester of high school as an “intern®?. Which translates to unpaid labor. KYME was a low wattage, daylight only station. When I started there the did no live people on air. It was just spin the records and play the spots.

In both of these, I learned to write, Hey! For pay!, 30 seconds spots. Where spot is the radio language for advertisement. 30 seconds in which to convince the listener to buy the something you spent 30 seconds telling them about. You really cannot say much in 30 seconds, according to Kim Day, the former KYME Program Director and long term friend of mine, you can get in 70 to 90 words, The big problem was writing a beautiful spot, with some beautiful twists to the language and then give it a whirl. Um, no you cannot give them a 45 second spot. You had to keep it to 30 so I would delete a few word here, a couple words there and try it again, Now it was down to 35 seconds. So I tried talking really fast and, nope that did not work. Rearrange some text and then, finally, it was down to 30 seconds.

My mindset was a tight, brief statement. This made coming up with 10 pages of whatever for a term paper a real bear for me. I failed miserably at that effort.

I have spent years under the delusion that I could not write much at once. You’ve seen my pages of text. They are my upper limit. Until. Until NaNoWriMo came around again. I had first heard of that event tow? four? more? years ago. Hey, I can try that. I can try that and keep notes on why stopped me. In mid-October, I signed up. I broke the news to my wife. She was and constitutes to be very supportive.

Going in I set some rules for myself. Let us do 2,000 words a day. None of this hitting 1,667 words to scrape by. I worked on what to write about. If I had problems coming up with something in the last two weeks, well tough on me. I would start with multiple topics. If I ran dry on one subject I could switch to another. There were a couple of things I wanted to describe, my scar collection for example (some people have tattoos, I have scars) on I had those lists as a pressure release valve. If I needed to get the last 2000 words it was off to one of the list items.

Today I hit the 50,000 target. Now I have another 7 days to fill it out. 50,35 words to date. I figure I have another 13,336 words to go.

MichaelRpdx :: rkmn 2021-11-22

Poems for you, Mostly Daily

There are books that are purported to be prose. In reality, they are poems in a very long form. It would be good if I could remember one or more of them right now to use as an example but with my memory I cannot remember them now. Fortunately, I have other poem sources that are in email archives, on YouTube favorites, and a new source of poems. Yes, I do have the ability to recall all of them. I would like to share them. We get lots of poems here on One Typed Pages, I would like to share these as a thank you to all of you who have shared your poems here.

On YouTube search for “Ours Poetica” it has been a varied group of poets sharing their own and their favorite pieces. They have been somewhat sporadic of late but they seem to be back recently.

Poem of the Day, from the Poetry Foundation, is a daily email usually at night to start your day with a poem. They seem to rotate through people and select the poems ad the variety is very wide.

Also in the daily email set is Poem-a-Day which is very similar to Poem of the Day. They always deliver different poems so…have a go at these guys, You can find them at online.

Austin Kleon a once a week email list writer this week included #4 in his list of things that may be of interest. He is currently halfway through some humongous book from Iain McGilchrist. While poking around he discovered his (McGilchrist) daily poem reading. I listed to the first and then scrolled down through the list. It is not doom scrolling it is enjoyable. Anyway, as I – was scrolling down to fin the end of the list I quit in the 70s somewhere. There are plenty of poems to listen to there. Search for him by name.

Hopefully, you will enjoy one or more of these poem places online.

MichaelRpdx :: rkmm :: 2021-11-21

May the gods and goddesses for give my typing today.

Keeping Going

When you do any sort of marathon like event, be it physical, mental, psychic, or whatever, you hit a wall. You come to the point where it is only your will that keeps you goining. (goining? Where the hell did that come from?) keeps you going. It did not take much for that feeling to hit me. By which I mean I was not one of the people well trained who could do an event. I should have planned it better. Nah, not my type of thing to do.

Gee doing that thing sound like fun. I think I will do it. And so I would. Just dive into the whatever and give it a whirl. Then the hosts would feed me and give me advice when I arrived an hour or two after the cut-off. Eventually, I would get fit enough to do the thing. Imagine your own thing here.

Even as I got to be good enough to do the thing there was a point about three-quarters or eighty percent of the way through the thing where it, the wall would hit me. And I thought to myself, “Why are you doing this? What are you trying to prove?” And the good thing for me in that situation was there was no way to stop, step off of the situation and quit. The only option was to keep
going because that was the way out, the way to quit.

I kind of have that feeling right now. 50,000 words? What am I doing? What am I trying to prove to who? And worth of all, how can I get a One Typed Page typed today. I have already typed four pages of single-spaced stuff. (500 words on a page, a little over 2,000 words per day) But here I am. Typing to all who will read.

Here is the odd part, as I type for the event that will not be named, is I feel that I am just getting started. It took me the first 20,000 words to figure out what it was that I am writing. Now is the time that I can really type, to keep going.

What the hell?

MichaelRpdx :: rkmm 2021-11-20

Nothing To Say

One Typed Quote seems to be taking off well. I put up a couple. It is pretty easy to do and I have hundreds saved up, Are you familiar with the Unix game (??) called cookie or fortune? That is where I have my quotes stored,

Once again I sit here with my version of the “Loyal Royal” with – ideas about what or how to type are scurrying about looking for anything to be done than to occupy my brain. “Write it down,” he says, “Write it down before you fall on your knees in thankful praise,” My advice to others. Because I, quite obviously, had no need to write things down,

Take a gap, watched movies, yep nothing to share.

MichaelRpdx :: rkmm 2021-11-19

One Typed Quote #1:

She tried to sit in my lap while I was standing up.
~- Philip Marlow

She tried to sit in my lap while_I was standing up.
~ William Faulkner

Both from an internet search,
Who you going to believe?

One Typed Quote #2:

Words matter.
Kindness matters.
We matter.
And I think,
on our best days
we are doing our best work
when we can connect and
remind each other
of these simple truths.

– Kent Peterson on One Typed Page