Books. We have a bunch of them. Stacked up in rooms. In boxes in the basement and attic. And still, we get books from the library. So many to read. Including the two I cannot find. Two from the library. If you know of an incantation to find books, please tell.

On the subject of Noir, if you have not seen Touch of Evil you should. If nothing else the opening sequence. A long shot as you watch a car with a bomb in the trunk snacking through the town, a border town in Mexico, three and a quarter minute waiting, waiting as the camera follows it to a newlywed couple’s kiss and the bomb goes off. Ahhm what a shot. Watch it. It gets better from there.

We did talk about Noir movies. So many of them were based on books. Jim Thompson, to name one. I discovered another one today. Vicki Hendricks. I have started with Iguana Love, something I could get as a Kindle thing. I found out about her on “Writers on Writing” a weekly podcast and scrolling back through the history and found this, well it, a Hendricks interview from January 20, 2021. I started listening and as my wife put it, “you were in Michael land” when it was over I looked down to discover a package next to me —- I was totally unaware that absorbed by the interview. Damm it was good. There are hundreds (thousands??) more to listen to. And, Hendricks is called the “Queen of Noir” If you are off riding a train across the country or have time to listen to it, or I am sure others, check em out, “Writers on Writing”

I am off to wonder and hopefully find my two books for the library. They are here someplace, among all the other books.

-— MichaelRpdx

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