Hermes Baby (Rocket?)

Hay ortos, Señor o Señoritas o Señoras aquí qué tiene Español? Tengo la lengua. Well a bit of it. A small bit. If you do, let me know.

This is the second of four typewriters. It is one of my first. That is to say my first in advanced age years. It’s portable. And right before Kent bought it, it was in Venesuleza. Arriving in the US in a pizza box. A Domino’s box, I think. It comes to life for boughts of Spanish or trips when I want a portable typewriter ahead of any other value. OK, I get it out fo# fun. It is a fun
machine to type on.

The start of a new year. What shall we do this year? Besides learnings this keyboard. Those activities will be told to you later. I have a bad habit of my telling people about something I plan to do. And then I get side tracked by another activity and it never happens.

This double spacing is an artifact of this typewriter. Type a few lines and it slips into double space mode.

OK, enough for now. Until tomorrow,

— MichaelRpdx :: hb(r)

Getting Started

A few months ago a friend started to write here and suggested that I might like it. A few weeks ago I wrote to Daniel Marleau to be sure he was the editor of this place. He replied yes and stated “it’s time for you to get a typewriter and send a page!” Yes, a few weeks ago. As my typewriters sat .idle.


Finally, it came down to the words I’ve tried to live up to.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s good right now,
it just heeds to exist.”
—- Austin Kleon

And more plainly stated:

“It doesn’t have to be good, it just has to be.”
— Kent Peterson

I sent a note to Austin – asking if he had originated the idea. Perhaps he had stolen the idea. (As in “Steal Like An Artist” which he wrote.) He says in his weekly email that it was a lazy week. Not that he would respond anyway. But yeah, not now.

A long summer of selling a house and coming up on two years of … well, more on that later. Happy Birthday to me. It is a good day to start new habits.

I just need to make it so it can be.

—— Michael “MichalRpdx” Rasmussen