Double S Mystery

Does § have special meaning in foreign languages, like French? In English it is a section sign. It is called section mark, section symbol, or, for fun to my eyes, a silcrow. And from what internet searching I have done, it seems that silcrow is just that – a word for the § symbol.

To get personal for a paragraph, today my dentist spent eight minutes inspecting the implant thing he installed in my jaw months ago. He agrees that they have healed up just fine so now I can get a tooth installed. At last!

The paragraph market, ¶, does not appear on my keyboard A section takes precedence over a paragraph? The etymology for silcrow is “Portmanteau of pilcrow and Latin signum sectienis (“section sign”), or a derived form thereof.” This is the kind of thing I get wrapped up in. Now I will need to find and open an Oxford English Dictionary and see what they have to say about silcrow. So much for sleeping.

This is the blather that comes out when I do not have anything to write on.

—- MichaelRpdx :: ih3k :: 2022-08-02

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