Noir, A Favoirte, Hah

So Barbara (and William?) are asking about our favorite Noir movie. Favorite? A singular answer? I don’t have one. There are So Many at the top of my head. So here is a list.

the Big Sleep with Bogart with the girl that cannot find his lap to sit on, Martha Vickers who has other problems with guys who have drugs and cameras. Great pacing and plotting.

For a much longer form, Berlin Babylon set in the late 20s Berlin and a deceptive attempting to get his drug habit under control and several other issues, like the rise of Nazis. The multiple sub-themes keep it going.

In other recent years, we had The Killer Inside Me, a Jim Thompson novel made into a movie in 2010. I did not expect such a good Noir in 2010, but there it was. Or from 1987, Angle Heart FROM New York to New Orleans. It received mixed reviews and a poor box office showing. Too bad as people missed out on it.

Vertigo anyone? Blade Runner? Pulp Fiction? House of Games? Dial M for Murder? Bullets or Ballots? The Usual Suspects? Devil in a Blue Dress? Double Indemnity? Sin City? The Glass Key? You Only Live Once? (Fill in the bland by any Jim Thompson)?

Yes, there are so many titles to choose from. Depends on your mood, the weather the ones I have forgotten and will be going “what about?” series. Now I have a bunch of holds at the library.

— MichealRpdx :: rkmm

Oops, I forgot to send this last night. cest la ca ca

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