Shiny Objects

Oh! Oh! Oh how nice, how very nice. I need one of those. Those since evermore shiny objects. Are you afflicted by the desire for a shiny object? That desire that leads to a deep desire for a new bicycle/ukulele/book/… you fill in the blank for a new object. Oh, and have I mentioned the one that afflicts most of you? A typewriter? You feel the urge for that new one that is different from the one, or from one of the many, objects you have. Or a new fountain pen. Gotta have it. It is not like one of the ones you already have. It is different in some way. It is smaller, bigger, lighter, brighter, smoother, rougher, a new insight, a confirmation of your bias, it is colorful in a new way, it is a sublime view of what it is.

I have been fighting this group of urges, and it is a group because the urge afflicts all manner of objects. The library is a great help for this. Want that book? Check it out. (not completely a cure, used books take me away) A new fountain pen? They are cheap, well if you like to explore the imported from China group. I ink up a pen and write with it until the urge passes. An another ukulele? I “only” have two. Well, seven if I count my wife’s collection. I play a bit and think about what I have yet to learn to play. That quells my desires, for a bit. A new, another typewriter? That, for now, was quelled when I could not find all of my typewriters, 1 know the Corona is here, someplace I know it is here. We did eventually find it.

Lucky for me I also have an urge for hobby objects. I can rotate to another thing I can do. Watercolor painting in on its way. Perhaps a new shade of yellow is in store for me. Or maybe a paper? At least they are consumables. I use them up. Unlike sketchbooks. Don’t get me started on them.

-— MichaelRpdx :: ih3k :: 2022-07-03

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