We Like Crows

On many mornings Jennifer takes some food out to feed the crows. She whistles to them. They flock down and enjoy what she brought. Leftover oatmeal, some chicken scratch, stale hardened bread are all on the menu for them. We both enjoy watching them eat. At times they, or rather one of them, takes some food up to the birdbath and soaks it for some time. On feisty days squirrels will arrive and we will watch them fight for the food. Even more entertainment.

Yesterday we took a walk, and on the way back ran into our neighbor Tom on a bicycle (Trek for the curious) and we stopped to chat with him. A bit of this, a bit of that. It was good to have some interaction. Then we heard a “crack” sound. We looked and saw a walnut in the middle of the street. On the power line above it was a crow. It seemed to be watching the nut. Another crow arrived and was walking around on the lawn nearby. It certainly looked like the crow was preparing something to eat. We were pretty close so the crow did not swoop down to eat the nut.

We talked about crows and how smart they were. Then a crunch. A car had run over the nut and smattered it on the road. We laughed at the crows and their smarts of dropping the nut on the road in a busy part. We kept looking up at the crow and over at the other crow, were we too close for them to come on down for the nut? Well, we had run out of things to say. Tom wheeled away. Jennifer and I started for home A dozen steps I stopped and turned to watch the crows again. “I want to see …” and soon enough the two Crows were pecking at the nut, Yep, a snack was ready to eat.

~~ MichaelRpdx ::osm5

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