Obsession Progression

I think I need a new obsession. Who am I kidding? Pens, fountain pens are great. But I am adding to it, Yep, another obsession to go with it. Making my handwriting legible. Sure I can, mostly, write things that other people can read. Well, sometimes. Heck, I cannot even read my own handwriting. It should be called my scribble. You would think that after five years plus and around 4,000 pages written I could read it all. Nah. Not a chance.

I did spend a lot of time going as fast as I could. I would spend 40 minutes, an hour each day at it. To what end? Yes, there are benefits. Waking up my brain being a huge one. But still, it would be great to be able to go back over the past. And so I am now working on my script, my handwriting, to make it legible. When I have that done I can work on making it beautiful. I have seen quite a few examples of people’s handwriting. It is gorgeous. I would like to have handwriting like that.

I got out today for my One Daily Walk. Still working up how far I can go. Last year I did a ten miles stroll. I was shooting for a half marathon, a little over 13 miles. I still hold that goal. But the lung surgery (removing the upper left node) put a dent in my aerobic conditioning. So most days I get out and go up the hills here (it used to be easy) and keep going. If it ever gets too bad the city busses can get me home.

Sourdough bread, yeah everyone is doing that now. But hey! I was doing it before others were. In the fan group who were doing it, not the bakers who do it because they prefer the levan that way. There is a loaf to be rising up now. I am hoping for it. I have been waiting for three loaves in a row that I consider good. Seems like I have the third on its way. Then I can start in on experimenting and making stuff that isn’t what I want but it is a learning loaf. That is fun. Fresh bread and home roasted coffee, those things make a day great.

— MichaelRpdx :: h3k

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