Sad and Happy Times

I should be happy today. We have passed a big landmark. I have not been a patient in a hospital for a year and a day. Well, yes, I did have many years without being admitted to a hospital. But this retirement just has not been a time span without visiting the hospital. Last year I had a mother of all prior conditions. In 1977 they really didn’t wave a solid grip on treating cancer, Hodgin’s Lymphoma. So they blasted me with Cobalt 60 and poisoned me with, another other things, Mustard Gas. As it turns out the radiation planted the seeds for heart failure and, in my case, a weakening of my lung. 1 woke up one morning puking up blood. Only this was the second time. The decision was made to remove the upper left node of my lungs. 1 was done with that last year on the 25th and then home. That whole thing came after my other adventures. So I am out of the hospital.

You would think that I would be happier. This year makes it less happy. This year has been the pits. I am looking forward to a more normal time.

I must apologize to a writer, a poet, who wrote this. I have missed getting her (I am pretty sure it is a woman’s) name. And going back on Facebook to find a thing you have left is pretty damn hard.

We isolate now
So when we gather again
No one is missing

Hope you are also.

Hey! Out of hospitals for a year! Yay!

— MichaelRpdx :: h3k

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