Typing Fixin’

If you watch YouTube, or spend too much time there, well let me take that tack. Are you aware of Joe Van Cleve ‘s YouTube channel? There is a lot of good stuff there on typewriters, hand made cameras, office products (as in a self described Office Product Junkie (junky?), a brief flirtation with fountain pens, and (as I am sure more. Today he had (has?) a feature called “Typing Corrections”. (by the way, the period, the “.” should be inside the quotation marks according to USofA conventions. I am not a Brit, where they say that the dot, the period, should be on the outside like I just did. This bit of one of the things that “drives grammar people nuts, like putting two spaces after a sentence terminator. More on all of that later.) About “Typing Corrections”/ Joe, JVC, talks a bit about the history of correcting typing and the going into the options we have for fixing our typos. He even shows examples of this correction from One Typed Page. Perhaps you will remember the pieces. To wrap up the piece he asks for people to talk, to comment on what they do to correct issues in their typing. My comment was for him to check here today to get my response. Of which yo u (extra space in mid-word left as an example) (that usually happens after an L on my Royal KMM. ) As you may be able to tell I take a number of approaches provided I note their presence. I have great, strong confidence that all of you can figure out what I mean. Can/doyou? (lack of space, once again, noted but not corrected.) I am aware that many of you have absolutely pristine typig typing. I am just trying to get things out of my brain and onto paper. Fixin’ it? Not for something here or any other place where I type. Thank you to all of you who do not just puke up on the page even if I do not do that I do love to read then.

Day before yesterday I read the first tow pieces and had to — stop for a break. The first was an unsigned piece by a typist who specifics paper weight and had purple ink. It will do you good to check out his list of photographers And then spend time with them. So much beauty and challenge are found in tem. in them. Baldwin? Someone to look up. And then Keep on Truckin’ Mike asked about #### our approach to typing. As you may be able to tell I treat One Typed Page writing like I do Morning Pages. Start and as much as possible keep going until I run out of paper or ideas of the day. Sometimes I have things I want to type on, like fixing/correcting typos today, but even then I just start and keep at it.

— MichaelRpdx :: 2022-06-06 :: ih3k

PS – JVC, I hope I got enough of a response to your piece.

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