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A Portable Typewriter

Hello all! I am a new to you typewriter: A Royal something or there, or other, manufactured in Japan. I think this will go with me me to Montana in a week or so I think, perhaps, maybe. We will find out as it gets used in the week between now and then. I think. Now to find some thoughts to transcribe onto paper.

I am reading Kafka On The Shore.,. It has me entranced. Does this work now? (the ribbon had come out of the vibrator (?) when I switched to red inking. Now we are in red and the ribbon is staying there, Figuring out how a ribbon threads through can be a quirky thing to do. At least if you have not had to do it very often. Much like hitting the backspace key when it is on the right instead of the left lie like it is on so many of my other typewriters.

Will I acclimate to this beast?

If you have not read Kafka on the Shore … well shit. How am I one to recommend a book?1 (errant 1s are artifacts of my automatically going for a backspace key. (no eraser on this machine today) (I hope this stream of consciousness works for you.)

Fun today: I was for a bit of time a person that loaded the cart to take groceries out to the car. You know, the person that takes freshly rung up items and puts them into a box or a cart at Costco. A bag of baking soda I had picked u up that a slit in it and was leaking. The person, ok a guy, Who had the job was running off to get me a replacement. Costco is good about that kind of thing. So I returned to my high-school days and loaded my stuff into the box and cart Fun? Well, yeah. I did enjoy it.

Let us see if this typing will continue tomorrow.

—- MichaelRpdx :: rm :: 2022-06-07

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