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There was a time when rage boiled in my veins. As I got ready to type many, very many images came to me. I spent the day studying and practicing. Then the time came to type my thoughts and … the rage was gone. All of it had disipated. Dissipated. It was gone, completely. While I do not have a bunch of stuff to type I do feel better. Now for non-raging things to type.

Did you watch or listen to Joe Biden speak about the state of USA and gun control? I did not. I did read some bits about the talk. The talk about the thing that we all accept. There was a quote of Biden that I wish to repeat

Over the past two decades, more school-aged children have died from guns than on-duty police-officers and active-duty military combined.
~ President Joe Biden

Until we change things we are all complacent in this.

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I cajoled my wife to go out for breakfast this morning. The Arleta Bakery Cafe was open again! Well, kinda sorta. Same location, same decor, but shit those are the remains of the – wait, I forgot to say “same name” – the remains end there. I forewarn you to not take a reopening as a resurrection of a place you used to love. You are warned. On the bright side, we did go out into the world and we now have a place we no longer need to return ~ to. Again, ever again.

As a point of confession, we have plenty of food here in our place. Lots of variety, and just lots of food. I also like to go out to eat. The food scene in Portland is fantastic. Even with the rebirths into yukky-ness. There is the 28 Tigers – Dumplings, Noodles, BBQ and specials. I am drooling. Dan Dan Noodles, great with a beer at the Holy Ghost a “modest neighborhood haunt.” It is the bar. Not a cheap bar. But damn are their cocktails good. At least from the descriptions. We have yet to go there. We will. When we are ready to walk, Drive home after that place? That is what living in a
city is all about. Walking home.

— MichaelRpdx :: ih3k :: 2022-06-03

Another night of just typing with no planned things to say.

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