Typewriters Tomorrow

Tomorrow. Tomorrow I will introduce you to my fourth typewriter. So far you have seen the Hermes 3000, this one. My favorite. I fell for it when I saw the black and red indicators of the margins. I thought “if they did that, there is some engineering lurking inside. And there is. You encountered, briefly, the Hermes Baby. A machine that came to the USA from Venezuela in a pizza box. It came to a friend with too many typewriters who deemed me as someone to give it to. I was a lucky guy. Still am for that matter. The third I picked up for not much money. It belonged to a student who was going to Salt Lake City. It needed a couple screws. After they were put in the Olympia SM5 was ready. I’m not sure what it is ready for, but it waits patiently. But Tomorrow. Tomorrow as I have stated here will bring in my fourth typewriter. I happily bought it at SCRAP. SCRAP is a place with odds and ends, mostly for scraping, scrapingbook, no Scrapebooking. Yes, scrapebooking. (Is that the right spelling?) They have lots of that kind of stuff. I walked in one day and, like the Hermes 3000, it was smitten or I with it. I will tell you about it with it. Tomorrow.

There are always tomorrows.

-— MichaelRpdx ::h3k

P.S., in the question of what to do with all the thinks/things that you accumulate. Remember Pepeysy! Who knows what people will find interesting a couple of decades or centuries from now. At least with typewritten pages, you don’t have to worry about legibility. And, most of all, keep them for yourself. You will be amazed by what you have recorded. And you will remember more with each reading.

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