Happy Equinox!

Today is the day we switch from days of light to “the days of darkness.” Yeah well, you can ignore it for a few weeks, You can still head for home during the light, perhaps even sunny, days of evenings that tease us. But make no error each day is shorter than its predecessor. Let us hope for an Indian Summer so we have one last hurrah.

* * *

For the first time since February 27, yes 2020, I made it out into a day of just going out to have some entertainment. It was not a day of grocery shopping, not a day of a haircut, not a day of hauling stuff to the dump or Goodwill, it was not a day of anything that involved doing something that needed doing. I just got out. In this case I drove to north Portland to drop into a typewriter store, Ace Typewriter and Machine,

I was hoping for a machine with a Spanish or European keyboard. They didn’t have one but will watch for one for me. I did pick up a copy of ACE TYPEWRITER Book of Brief Piction. And then on to “downtown” St John’s. There was an exhibit of Bobby Abrahamson’s “North Portland Polaroids”. In a park, there were nearly 500 prints hanging from trees. All of them were of people who agreed to being subjects of portraits. The photos were 4×5 polaroid instant images. This type of image produces a positive and a negative. The subject gets a copy of the photo, Bobby keeps the negative. Great photos. I spent a couple of hours in the area and headed home.
What a day it was. Over six months of not getting out.

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