Introducing Royal KMM

Tomorrow is here today. And as I wrote, typed yesterday, tomorrow is here and so is my newest typewriter, a Royal KMM. It is a beast of typewriter with an extra wide platen 14″ and it weighs too much for me to lift off the table like I can and do with a typewriter like the rest of mine, all portable. This one is not portable. It needs a place to live. Which, temporarily, is a wire frame thing a what is the word? a thing you store things on in bakeries? Yea, one of them. It is more portable with the typewriter on it, thanks to weels. In the platen I found this note:

Royal KMM from 1940 snKMM14-2569109 The strike bar issue was resolved by Matt at ACE Typewriter. It needs a few score of pages typed on it to clean up the key works.

Matt had also mentioned it was used in a TV place or a broadcast place. The platen had been replaced shortly before it was retired in favor of paperless offices like we Know oh so well today. In truth I took it home, Tyred what you have read above and nothing. This page is the most it has received since I brought it home. This beast needs a table. What shall I use? More on that quandry later. For now, wow! It is great to tyre on. That Hermes has some competition for favorite machine!

~ MichaelRpdx :: rkmm

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