To Do / Not Do

Carlos Villa taught, along with other things, Beginning Drawing. One of the exercises was speed drawing. Fifteen seconds to get whatever it was. A model or two, a charcoal stick, a stack of typing paper, and time. There was a guy in the class that could not do it. We would start. He would wave his hand in the air and then stop. Other people would put down a line or two. But something. There was no expectation of “good” drawing. There was a hint that you would scribble something down on the page. We did learn about essences. Then we would do the same thing, but with descending timed drawing. A three minute, a two minute, a one minute, thirty seconds, fifteen seconds and catch your breath.

It is dark outside, I am trying to keep going here and we will continue

Maybe 20 seconds is too short for writing. But I nee need to keep going so here I am with a timer.

The car is backed into the driveeway. It is there for some reason.

I went to Cosco todayk, got things that are, were too heavey to carry.

That was 4×20 seconds. Anything I could type. And so I did. I think the next set will be 5×60. With 10 seconds to “rest” between each set. We will see.

— MichaelRpdx mlr:ih3k

Hrmmm, it seems I have lots of room left on the paper to continue. Now if I could just think of oh, yeah, I just did. Don’t give yourself too much time. Sit down, start to type. One word leads to another. Like these words. Well, I think. I have not given them much though yet. Yeah well, there we are for today. I am no longer going to type more tonight.

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