I did, just last night, talk about Vicki Hendricks and her novel Iguana Love. You should be aware that in addition to being the Queen of Noir She also writes erotica. And Iguana Love is full of it. Lots. You are forwarned.

And back to my normal, um what?

On the distinctions between Noir and other types of things to read, there is Hard-Boiled Crime. And a lot of people lump the two together. Me included. I need to watch it again or read it again since both types are here for consideration. That thing to re-read No Country for Old Men. My only memory of it involves killing and mysteries and it was a damn fine movie and I read the book as a result. Cormac McCarthy is the author. And the movie, you will like this, was done by Ethan and Joel Coen, a fine pair of directors. So fine I think I need to arrange a bunch of their films and have a mini film festival right here. Yes, that would be a great way to finish out the pandemic cooped-up time.

23 Years? What a run from Barbara. And still going strong. ((I do not name names bere. Yes, we have a celebrity in our midst. So I really did not name a name.)) Now, about memories, umm I do not remember how I found Writers on Writing or you or whatever. I explored, I found. That is how I find things. And, as to podcasts, podcasts, and podcasting, all of that word dates back to 2004. This I know how I found it, I went to Wikipedia and read up on it. Although it was suggested by Ben Hammersley of The Guardian I imagine it was a couple of years before the term got into use. And, yes there is a section on History, But I don’t really care enough to check or read it.
Barbara: When did you switch from weekly radio programs to podcasts?

When we are not in the mood for Noir one of the niches of things to watch are whatever comes out of Australia and New Zealand. Such small countries, such nice video/movies/series. Lately, we have been watching The Strange Calls. It involves a new cop living in a caravan (trailer) and is in charge of taking calls overnight. They are strange. Very strange. We get access via Acorn TV, which supplies BBC type, well all the non-United States English speaking countries and Spain and Mexican TV series and movies. I am going to watch another episode, it is fun.

— MichaelRpdx

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