A couple of weeks ago a Boulder City Council unanimously passed a ban on assault weapons, high capacity weapons, bump stock … and immediately a gun rights organization took them to court on the basis that only the state could implement such a law and a state judge agreed. Boulder was banned from enforcing their waw. Less than two weeks before the shooting. Unanimous decision on the part of the City Council.

At last word, Kent was passing through Havre, Montana, and trying to get his One Typed Page submittenéd. Not great WiFi along all of the Empire Builder 1 ine. I do not have much hope for the North Dakota section of the line either. I also think he needed to get a Spot Tracker so we could know where he was, just like he did on the Great Mountain Bike Race. I am sure he is typing a page a day, if not more, and we will hear more from him when his connectivity is restored.

“Writers on Writing” aires from 9:00 to 10:00, Soucks, I should have checked on that earlier. Well, next week will be here soon enough.

Oh, memories! The lead page yesterday referred to Idaho in the mid-seventies, I was living there then. In the first halfway between Boise and Spokane, almost to the mile. The second half in the Treasure Valley, from Caldwell to Boise in my case. I intend to get back there again. Boise and Grangeville. There are friends and relatives in both areas. Boise no longer has Desmond and Mollies, a bar that was formative for me. I added “Wait for me here. – Godot” as a bit of graffiti. Responses to it covered three walls in length. I watched belly dancing including a woman who vowed to be the ”first female CEO of Idaho Power. And beers for a quarter. Those days just are not anymore. On the other hand, there is Pengilly’s which does still exist. I turned 21 there. I intended to return after 40 years. Instead, I spent the time in the start of a long hospital stay. I think I will go off and have some other memories.

— MichaelRpdx

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