Three Responses and Some Blather

AP from Tacoma We are all joining the stream of our lives. It is good that you are intereted in history. Just plopping in and joining the conversation (??) works out just fine. Pho is, so far, a west coast stronghold. Though I just read a Duluth review of it. Very favorable. It is too bad their choices of cow parts is so limited. A PNW stronghold of One Typed Page-ers? I only count five people in that group. If a group is the right description.

The Who Was It? Who recommended: Kanopy. Oh yes, it is a gem of a place. We started with “Intelligent Trees”. Yes, a documentary. But the diversity of what they offer in easy to navigate groups is wonderfiul.

New ribbons coming for this typewriter (Hermes 3000) and my others. This seems a bit odd. The density of ink on the paper does not seem too bad. But, well, maybe it is the paper. The inkjet paper I buy because it feeds my printer and typewriter and I use more paper in the printer. What I use in typewriters is such a small amount I have not purchased paper just for it, for typewriting. (If you have thoughts on the matter I am listening.)

Writer of the Lucinda saga: (If “Lucinda Saga” is the right description) I greatly admire your hanging from the cliff end of the page work, It is not a lot to work with but each and every one gets to the end of a page and … well? What is next? So nice whoever you are.

Who decided to put ‘ and ” in a dedicated key to the right of ;/: key?

The typewriter gods decreed they should be above 2 and 8 and I still find them there. I often type @ and * when I mean ” and ‘. They are (were?) in convenient places on the keyboard. If you second on an instrument, with similar keys, like guitar and ukulele or clarinet and saxophone, this must be maddening.

Getting, getting ready for NaNoWriMo. My preparation is getting lists of things to type about. Not in the chroninolgy of the book To Be. Just daily things to do 2,000 (yes, I am aware I only need 1,667) words I can sort them out later. It is a First First Draft and so it will be. What scares me most is lacking in things to type about. Yes, I did do five consecutive days. Yet at the same time, I run up against not having ideas to type where? Here!. I mean what the hell? I sit in the morning and type out a bunch of words and then later not much comes from me. Perhaps because I am conscious of all of you seeing this. My morning words were to one person. In a week I will know if I need to have all of my First First Draft writing to one person. We will know in a week.

— MichaelRpdx :: h3k

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