Everybody Wants

“My sister looks cute in her braces and boots. A handful of grease in her hair.” Got that? Got that in your mind? Were you a juvenile product of the working class? or “Yeah, you got the speed-freak jive now Ah can’t you hear me knocking’ on your window Ah can’t you hear me knocking! on your door”? Down your dirty steeet, how was yours? “There’s somethin’ happening here … stop stop whats that sound?” Could keep going. But something is growing. Another worm. Another earworm. Earworms “Nobody told me about her…” How are your earworms?

Sorry, I have not had any in the last few years. If you have one, well, Sorry about that.

Whether it is the time of the seasons, oh sorry about that.

I am going to comment on lefts, rights, people all apart here in our fine country. I have only one thing to say: Vote. If you have not voted because the candidates are not to your liking, Vote. Write in who you want. We will be stuck with two party system until they get the message. Unless there is enough people voting for people not in the parties to have them see people wanting others enough to vote for them. You can follow a white rabbit. But vote for who you want to see in the office.

Today the rain stopped. We have a couple of days of bright, sunny days coming our way. But we also have March weather, never mind the yellow leaves, we have wind. If you had a kite it would not take anything to get it up and high in the sky. I heard it is time for kite flying in the spring. Why then? I dunno it is something I heard through … sorry. It might be the wine bringing what I almost write, except I have not had any wine tonight.

You know I always thought of this as a ZZ Top song. “I look good and I’m funny so why am I lonesome honey?” David Lee Roth But Don’t You Forget about me . . .

I need to leave here. I do not have earworms. I do have YouTube rolling around in front of me.

It is Saturday Night and …

— MichaelRpdx :: rkmm

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