Three bucks for a …? What can you buy that you might want for three bucks? It used to be a hamburger and fries. I am not referring to whatever it is at McDonalds for $1 to be a hamburger. In a hospital I frequented (wait, yes I do frequent a hospital) I can get a bowl of soup or 4oz of tuna salad, or 30% of tater tots for under $3, three bucks. (Why did I ask a question I already know the answer to? Really, honestly, this is one of those cases of writing something to answer it. Those that kind of events is to ask a question about something weighty and Something that requires thought and you need to write it out (where write equals typing, but all of you get, understand that) to get the thoughts on paper and figure it out.) But what can you get for three bucks that will provide you with lots of pleasure and things to think about and really enjoy?I strongly suggest Stephen King’s novel 11-22-63.

(Substitute slashes for the dashes here, which my typewriter does not have so I can present the title of the book the way the author intended.)

As to why you should splurge $3 on this book, and if my, well forget this if my stuff. I say it is good. But who knows if your tastes come close to mine so why read a book based on my Saying so? Don’t,

You should find Kent Peterson’s review about the book, read that, and then go buy the book and read it. I realize I am not giving you much leeway here. The book is that good. But read Kent’s piece as to why.

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I get my booster vaccine yesterday. I was kinda out of it yesterday. Today I feel much better. OK, I feel better, not a lot yet. But I am sure I will feel better with each passing day. Just like I did the last two times I got a vaccinene. I am (yes, more unasked for advice here) Suggesting you get your booster vaccinen, ahem, vaccine, whatever. As soon as your six months since your second one was administered. Even though I had to go to the community-based place to get it this time around my health provider provided. Same day service.

Gotta love that. Not too many things you can make a call and get treatment the same day. For that matter, the only other times I had same-day service involved emergency rooms and ambulances. This was much nicer.

— MichaelRpdx :: rkmm

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