Feeling like I belonged in a time past. Except I was there for most of them. The emergence of rock and roll. Computers being born and immersing themselves in our life. Drugs getting illegal (LSD 1968) and popular. The riots of 1968 (Chicago for the Democratic Convention) and a worldwide set of riots I did not know of until later. The invention of “Chicken Nuggets” – rolled in sugar and fried in fat, that was 1982 or so back then. Disco, killing music or so they said. (Pengilly’s was alive them and I understand it is alive now. If I make it to Boise) “Rubber Soul” inspired by Bob Dylan, or so I read. Cities with “tall” buildings being five stories high. And “First Interstate Bank” when they legalized that kinda thing. My longing for those days ranges from early 1960s to mid-1980s. Anything earlier and I don’t remember and well I was just a toddler and don’t recall any of it. After the mid-80s is just too recent. Too recent? Thirty-five years is “too recent” har!

There were some things that I bet people now are feeling the jones for. A minimum wage that could fund time in college. Or beers for 25¢. Or … they were my good times. And I went down a rabbit hole today. Rubber Soul, Revolver, 1969 (CSN), and a typewriter.

I bought a typewriter from my high school English teacher (and debate coach) for $25. I lost it in the late 80s. I was getting into computers. Because I could do it and I needed to have a way of living.  Yes, I was stumbling through life. Well, so much for my typewriting of the time.

I used to watch bats catching bugs around the lights of the stadium’s parking lot. This was on the walk home from the bar with 25¢ beers. I do not recall why I was walking home those nights. It may have been a mile or less, but the memories! This came after “Rumors” a year or two after that time. I was just going through life. Not knowing if I was going to live or not. A couple of years out of being treated for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma,

Perhaps I don’t go beyond the early 80s because I passed through the “5 Year” he is still living point. Perhaps. But I have the nostalgia for those days,

— MichaelRpdx :: h3k

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