Matt at Ace Typewriter

Matt at Ace Typewriter is a great guy. We had a nice chat today. His pickup policy, well I don’t think it exists. When his dad ran the shop if you didn’t pick up your repaired typewriter in 30 days he sold it. Matt keeps them around. He pointed out a part of the store where they were put after five years. He says he will get around to selling them someday.

I was in there for two things. A hard lid, or cover, for my Hermes 3000 that came without one. The other item was a platen know for the right … err, left-hand side that came with one that was too wide to fit with the hard lid or cover for my existing 3000. They are close enough in years to fit it. He had one from an earlier year that was a small amount smaller. He will keep an eye out for one, they come through he said. The other item was the left-hand platen knob. He had those, It seems to be one that was 3D printed We put it on. Or rather he put it on. He also adjusted the margin release. That is big for me. I push the end of the line and often am stuck with a character or two Over the Line. The previous two lines were returned right after the bell rang. Bad habit for me to get into. He also lubed a couple of other points. “You have to do that every 10 years or so. Otherwise, the return lever will snap right off.” Yes, yeah right, like I will remember nine and a half years to do that.

So I brought home the typewriter with two platen knobs. Neither of them matches the machine. But I can put on the lid. Yay! for Matt!1

In a way, I was really lucky too. Hanging on the wall was a sign. “Closed today Oct. 29” Ace had been closed the previous day. The day I had planned to go into Ace. I just didn’t. Lucky for me, with them being closed. He also has a pair of Royal typewriters. I had to get out of there before temptation overtook me and I bought one. They will still be there when he calls about the lid.

— MichaelRpdx :: ih3k

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