Femail. FEMAIL??!! What in … was wrong with me? I know, or is it, was it knew better than that. I did not catch the error until I was proofing my typing when I had it in the computer. Who was it here that was berating himself for whatever niggling, small error he made? Oh my. Oh my my.

In the InCoWriMo world, I have started receiving responses from overseas. Australia, India, Mexico, and Belgium being the most recent. The one from Mexico was postmarked on February 26. The writer from Australia said he had arrived on March 13, when it was mailed on February 7. Out postmaster general is saying delivery times will slow down, we cannot expect mail to be delivered as quickly as they used to do so. We have no more expectation of it working anymore. Whine whine moan moan. We need to send more physical mail so they know there is more to delivery than the spammy collection of insurance and invitations to credit cards and come hither come-ons from banks. Well, at least a letter from Albuquerque was posted on “23 Mar 2021” showing that they can deliver mail in a timely manner.

Side note: I had written to the man in Mexico in Spanish. He responded in Spanish. I understand a few bits of it. Whew, I have some work to do.

On Topic Note: I have not reread this page yet. I never do. 1 type, I photograph it, I send it off to Daniel. What corrections you see I feel as I type and correct them, most of the time. But things like female/femail slip through unknown to me. Does that bother you?

Question for All: Do the misspellings and other bits of bad typing habits bother you?

Hopefully, tomorrow will feature a page of prose shared with you. Not like todays and the prior pages of sharing life with all of you.

Femail? Oh my.

— MichaelRpdx

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