Eating and Reading

Everyone, if you type or read: This is for you. I am getting some information about people and their eating, in other words, I am curious about them. If you can help, please answer these questions:

Do you know what Pho is? (beyond having heard of it)

Is Pho available in your area?

Have you had Pho?

What kind of area do you live in? (city, smallish town, east, west)

Please answer here in comments, in a One Typed Page, or email me,

I will gather up the answers and include them in my One Typed Page on Monday. You will be able to read the responses on Tuesday. Part of the motivation for asking this is we have a lot of Pho here in Portland. I do not want to assume that other people have Pho available. So, I am asking to find out.

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I am rereading Years of Rice and Salt by Kim Stanley Robinson. I have forgotten it. I am (am?) sure that I will eventually find parts of the book that I remember. But for now, it is like reading a book, a very fine book, for the first time. I am having the same experience with On A Winters Night A Traveler, Italo Calvino, and the first pages are very vaguely familiar. But for the most part, it is like reading a new book.

Have I forgotten so much? From a stroke? This can be a great time. I know of lots of great books. If I have forgotten them as well as these two, well I have a lot of reading to do. Without any worries about wasting time on shitty or just mediocre stuff.

Then again, I have already read a bunch of mediocre stuff. Thankfully nothing recommend here fell into that category.

— MichaelRpdx :: h3k

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