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A couple of decades ago I heard about this thing. It was a bicycling event with no winners. But people went fast, but not too fast as there were limits in this event, both for the fastest allowed time and the most allowed time. This sounded interesting. It seemed like I could do OK with it. Well maybe. 200 kilometers, or about 120 miles, was nothing to sneeze at. But it seemed doable. It was called randonneuring. Or rando for short.

Could I do this event on a Bike Friday? That was the only bike I had, Being well into the web I did some research. And yes. There was a guy who road rando events on a Bike Friday. Even better he had ridden one of the biggest events, Paris-Breast- Paris successfully, and even better he lived in my part of the country, the Pacific Northwest.

I wrote to him, he wrote back, I asked for advice, he gave it, I did not always succeed at following the advice, but he, being a great guy, did not turn his back on me. He kept answering questions. And we became friends over the years. I am talking, typing, about Kent Peterson.

Now, this is important for you. Because Kent has been a huge proponent of bicycling. He has a wide range of experience. And he will answer questions. Check the comments section for today. IN it he answers an # unmasked question, Hopefully, the guy starting commuting will listen better than I did. He will go further faster than I did.

Yes, I realize I am volunteering Kent here, I am pretty sure he is OK with this. He is that kind of guy.

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Have you ever tried a shelfy? Not a selfie. A shelfy. That is a stack of books that reflect your current state of mind. See below.

Post one of yours?

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