Writing and Being Read

About NaNoWriMo, the only absolute thing about it is 50,000 words. And that is kinda iffy. Their real goal is to get people to write. You know, the way Daniel gets people to write One Typed Page a day. Their way works on getting a lot of people excited and all working on their thing for November. And if you consider what habit creatures we are, we@l after month of 1,667 words a day it is kind of hard to go back to not writing.

What you write can involve a

Novel              Short Stories           Memories
Script              Non-fiction              Poetry 
and the big one: Other

As to what you type or write or whatever could be an

Adventure           Children Fiction       Erotic
Fan-fiction           Historical         Horror/Supernatural
LGBT+                Literary                    Mainstream
Mystery               Religion/Spiritual     Romance
Science Fiction   Thriller/Suspense     Young Adult

Pick one from group A and as many as you want from group B.

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So far the representatives of the Western US are leading in Pho. michael@jamhome.us is the place to let me know if you have heard of it. Vacationing Catarina pointed out the& in addition to Pho they have Bahn Mi and she reminded me of Cafe Sua. Cafe Sau is very strong, intensely bitter, and mixed with condensed milk. It will wake you up.“

Nice shelfys you have there. Especially with books I have never read.

Tori (Lilly)
There are plenty of someones somewhere who are reading, enjoying, and all that kind of stuff. Ask any teacher here and they will tell you about students seeming to not listen at all. Yet they still seem to absorb the lesson. Yes, there are plenty of people here and just not replying.

Type On!

All of the People on Proofreading
HaHaHa Haaa I do not know how or why but we cannot proofread our own stuff. Even if you set it aside for months. You need friends and a professional to catch all of your mistakes. But you know that already.

MichaelRpdx :: rkmm

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