Books seem like the best pals of people who type As an Idaho teenagers they were something I loved. I would read as much as possib@e. Other people did not think so. They thought books to read were for when you had run out of things to do. Get outside to do something. Anything. I like books and rain. When it was raining they did not expect me to be outside doing something.

It rained today. And I had to take MY PRIVATE PROPERTY back to the library. So I bought a copy. I don’t like prose poetry. I don’t like long poems. Yet I love this book. Check it out of a library to see what I mean.

I check books out of the library to see if I like them. If I like them a lot I will buy a copy for myself. But then, as I do now, need to get rid of a couple of books. I have a lot. Many in boxes where they have been for two decades or more. There are plenty of books to rid of. Fortunately, there is a nice collection of free libraries. Some of them need some books. I am ready.

I see that Cat is on Instagram. It is a great place to be when you are not typing. And my gawd: What a typewriter collection she has. Even if there is not a Hermes there. 🙂 (I am MichaelRpdx there and most other places where you have to or get to choose your name.)

I’m a book slut.
I’m a book glut.
A book glutton I will get it to check it out.

You? Are you a book glutton? My newest checked out of the library is NOIR from Christopher Moore. It is heavy with, well it is filled with enough wordplay to make it weigh like a vial of mercury. The surprising tidbit about it was the date of publication – 2018. He would compete with Chander or Macdonald or Thompson. Except they wrote a long time ago and none of them would have so much allegories or synonyms or well, get a copy of it or one of his other novels to find out for yourself.

I am going to read more of his prose.

— MichaelRpdx :: ih3k

P.S. = What do you call, or refer to, a typwriter with a key layout different from the normal (OK, American English) set of keys? International Hermes 3000 seems wrong.

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