International Hermes

This is not a Hermes 3000 as I know it. Or as most of you, I believe, know it. It has no zero, 0, key. There is no one, 1, key. That is a capital o and & lower case L. Why might you ask? ¿por qué? Well, señor, or señora, because they needed to use space for the special keys that create  [the diatricials needed like ´ ^ ` and others] yes those are the special bits needed to create most of the alphabet used by European typists. Do I call it a “European 3000”? Well, in any case, I have this “new” 1969 Hermes. I am thrilled.

It also needs replacement platen knobs. have on it makes it tho wide to fit in the hard case. Which measurements show that it should fit the one from my Hermes 3000. Ah, goshums. Have I said that I am thrilled with it yet?

What do people need a § for? Heck, what is it for? I mean I understand a *. You cannot clean up your f**king language without them. 🙂

I cannot think about other things again yet.

— MichaelRpdx :: ih3k

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