Stormy Weather

It was a bright and stormy day. So windy! So stormy!

We were happy to have rain again. So much rain throughout the night, through the day and night. Through the day I read Noir and watched “Typewriter Club LIVE: Fix It or Forget It?” Seems that most of the people fix it, or at least try. It was interesting in that they were joined by people in Portragul and Japan, Tokoyo. The video is quite the marathon – two and a half hours. It does make for an afternoon of stormy weather. You can curl up and watch it while looking out the window and watch the people move in. Watch them Surreptitiosly (sp)

There were things to write about. Now, what were they? I seem to have this problem a lot.

I am going to quit trying and quit boring myself and you.

-— MichaelRpdx :: ih3k

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