The Way We Were

kanopy – what a great suggestion you made. I am sorry for not naming you, but … damn it looks great. Even with just six movies a month.

Remember when you had one, or perhaps two, movies to see at a time? We had one movie place, the Blue Fox, and that was it. It was where I first viewed “The Way We Were”, remember that? It holds up should you be so inclined. (I just spent time looking up 1973 movies. DANGER! Rabbit Holes Ahead! )

All first drafts of everything are garbage.
The first draft of everything is shit.
– Ernest Hemingway

Those are the alleged words, including an edit, from Ernest Hemingway. Everything I write for One Typed Page is a first draft. Just get it out. My college class in Logic leads me to conclude everything I put here is shit. At least I can get it for you wholesale.

Good night all.

-— MichaelRpdx :: h3k

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