Three Books

I am reading three books at the same time. Because, they each feature short bits. Backspaces Typewritten Tales of Time Travel, either you know of this book or I won’t spoil it for you. Perhaps some commentary later.

Getting Right with TAO from Ron Hogan. Most of the entries are half pages. But they all deserve time to reflect on them because to just read it, to know what the words mean without considering the meaning of the words, (is that making sense?) without reflecting on then, is like not reading it at all.

My Private Property, Mary Ruefle, is a poetic book. I am about halfway through it, and I am on the chapter with its title, um well err, The chapter is “My Private Property”. It sets the stage be describing Kon-Tiki (a 1947 story of a raft full of men who floated from Peru to a south seas island to prove it was possible) and its relation of head shrunken heads on page 62. How precise! It then goes on the long, for this book, chapter on shrunken heads and how the author fell in love with one. (I think.)

Yes, that is my fascination of the week.

* * *

I must take a chance to thank all of you for your writings. They have made me a better reader. Thank you.

~ MichaelRpdx :: h3k

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