Weather and Retirement

Yep we have got some weather. I do not like talking about weather. But we do have a humdinger of a day. Hazey day, and now our thing that has people talking about it. Winds of 15 to 30 mph. With gusts to 40 to 55 mph. I think most of the pears are going to fall off the trees. I hear crows. What are they doing? Are they flying around? Are they clinging to a power line, they like to sit in surveillance there, cawing at us as we walk by. But now we are curled up in our home watching the trees sway back and forth. The crows can go off to a safe place. We will feed them some chicken scratch in the morning.

Retiring people, Welcome To The Crowd! Retirement, especially for those of us with typewriters, is a good thing. During the shutdown of the 2020 Covid-19 so many people complained about boredom. Boredom? Did they not plan retirement, oh it is a bit of a planning exercise for them. If you were bored, especially without televised sports, you need to work on your life. Fortunately I have a grand bulk of things to do. Here they are waiting for my attention.

Now if I could work the spacebar consistently, get those spaces in.

From early August through mid October is one of my favorite, very favorite, times. We have sunny days close to what they get in the tropics. The twighlites are warm enough to be out in the dark. In shirt sleeves, it is comfortable. And if, as we have been, on vacation in this weather, well wow, we are walking in the dark ing from – little thing group to another. They seem to be isolated. Let me work on the description to another. I will come up with a better description.

— MichaelRpdx :: h3k

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