Sun and Reading

I see the sun. There is a shadow on the floor. Yes, we’re recovering. Brief Lives, from John Aubery, is an example book for people who are writing one, or more, of the “Six Books You Can and Should” write.

It is descriptions, character sketches, that kind of thing. I know a lot of people. I bet you do too. There is plenty to write about.

I have a folder on my computer ready for me to flesh it out. It remains empty. Perhaps I should describe our dog, who died earlier this year. Or the fig tree with a second crop waiting to be eaten. Or perhaps I should populate it with the files of names. I can fill it out later. Which at last leads me to a thought.

Death and the Penguin, from Andrey Kurkov, features a character who writes about people. Most of who he has never met. We learn a lot about Russian life. And how he came to have a penguin as a pet. Other people join his life. k£ If you take book recommendations this is one to read. Which leads to.

I have been reading all of your One Typed Page entries. The things you encounter and deal with is interesting. Interesting enough that I have improved my reading skills. Things are short with a variety of fonts. I had to Open This Page, adjust the zoom, and read. Now I can mostly read them as they appear on the web, as is. I have had problems reading text. If the text was small with line spacing tight I had problems reading it. Think of a paperback book, how they cram stuff in, that is the kind of stuff I had problems reading. Now it is less so. Thanks to your writings.

I think I am going to read Years of Rice and Salt again. Or perhaps If On A Winters Night A Traveler. Rereading is good.

-— MichaelRpdx :: h3k

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