Matt, YouTube, Typewriter

Oh yes, let us praise Matt of Ace Typewriter in Portland!
Let us praise him for setting aside time to fix what I broke.
Let us praise him for diving right in and setting right it all. One would think losing er loosening a screw and moving a knob a small fraction of a millimeter would be simple.  It was not. He did appreciate my bringing all the parts. We did have a nice chat. I got to be tempted by the Royal typewriters. It turns out he classes them as one of the best-made machines of the US. Now I just need to figure out how to get the machine into the house without my wife wondering too much about them. No: I mean it, not them. Singular, just one typewriter. Of course, I need to find a place for it. As we are overflowing with them at the present.

If you happen to be a Hermes 3000 fan, like me, Joe Van Cleve has a comparative review of two of them on YouTube. One is a 1961 the other a 1972. Wich skipped the golden age of my typewriters. OK, maybe not the golden age. But they sure are nicely shaped. Though I can see the lust for the early 1960s versions.

Speaking of YouTube I am watching this in the background while I type this. It was about typefaces this week. Interesting. I believe I will work on my not very legible handwritten typewriting descriptions before obsessing on whatever my typewriter spits out.

“Drink, no wait. “Write drunk, edit sober.” Not for me either. My wife just handed me a glass of cognac. So this will need to draw to a close.

— MichaelRpdx :: ih3k

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