I Am A Diamond

Because, from Ilkley was a warming lesson in how our society works and how people take care of each other.

I became a Diamond today. Now I can concentrate on learning languages without the distraction of achievement. Diamond is the highest, so far, level of achievement in weekly learning. Spend enough time studying and you will float to the top of the pile. I am not sure it means anything besides a measure of studying a lot. There is the building up a habit. Get enough habits and you spend time learning. That is good. It helps that I have a nephew studying French and my wife re-learning Norwegian. I had to take their languages at the same time. This is in addition to my Spanish and Latin. So far I only use the Latin word in French and that kind of thing not too often. But I do note a lessening in trying to translate from one language to English. Instead, I am just going for the underlying concept and the emotions it in the language of choice. It gets a bit confusing when I am needing to dive into English.

It is a tiring day. Have a good one to all.

And I think I need to pay attention to what I am doing here. Making sure spaces are inserted. That spelling is correct, or at least close. Sorry about that to all y’all.

—~ MichaelRpdx :: h3k

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