Buying A House?

I have known Kent Peterson since 2003, wait that is not right. Well, maybe it is. In any case, about two decades ago I sent an email to Kent asking him about randoneuring (is that spelled right? I asked that in the first letter I sent to him back then. I had a Bike Friday and he had ridden a Bike Friday in Paris-Brest-Paris. Maybe he could give me some advice. “Figure out the food thing,” was one of these first pieces of advice. One of the many pieces that I would not follow. I had a stomach of iron. I ate everything. That would not be a problem for me. I did have problems with eating. I had lots of problems. Kent never did give up on me. And we have stayed in touch over the years. Not always on the subject of bicycling. At one time he told me about why he didn’t like and would not buy a house. I will leave it to him to explain. He continued to continue to rent houses. He seems to get lucky with landlords. The one he has now is a wonderful guy. He even mows the lawn for him.

So this morning I read with disbelief (he doesn’t believe in buying a house) then surprise (he is buying a house?) shock (he IS BUYING a house) after eight hours I wrote to him “I’m still stunned.” And in some ways I still am. But I know Kent and Christine go through things carefully. This is a well thought out move. Back to an area where he went to college, in Duluth, right across some water. Where he met Christene. Where he has sisters and nieces and nephews. And I’m sure there are other things that they about the area that we will find out about from them. While I cannot go down and have lunch or go for coffee and then walk to Tsunami Books (boy are they going to miss him!) I know we will continue to hear from him via this venue. I wish them the best of luck.

* * *

In other news, I read today that one of three Americans eat fast food daily. One in three daily. My capacity for surprise is exhausted. But one in three daily of McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and all that crap I might eat once a month, and that is Burgerville. Burgerville for those of you not from the Pacific Northwest, it is what you can expect only with seasonal specials, Sweet Onion Rings, fresh fruit in season, make that shakes with fresh fruit. Fortunately, I can go to a taco truck. That is the closest I get to the daily fix.

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