Herb Caen Loyal Royal

The “Loyal Royal”, do you know the series of typewriters? They belonged to Herb Caen. He was a columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle. I first encountered him when I went to the San Francisco Art Institute in 1980. Like many, I read his column, even if it was the only thing I read in the newspaper. In a book I am reading I wondered about Herb Caen. Was he really being read in 1947? Oh yes! He had started his column in 1938 and kept it up until he died. Six days a week 1000 words to a column. He was only not writing for four years during the war. Consider that … 1000 words a day … every day … for over 60 years. If you are in San Francisco you can go by the Chronicle’s office and see one on display … maybe more than one. He coined the term beatnik and popularized hippie and … so many bits about San Francisco. Including … ellipses. Look him up on Wikipedia to get a bit of flavor and see one of the Loyal Royals they have on display.

1000 words a day! A day! Six days a week! For 60 years! What a record he holds. I am considering it. So many words, to capture the minds of people. I have not even drunk coffee that consistently for my life. Thinking on what I have done … I have eaten and slept that consistently. I cannot think of anything else I have done so consistently.


It seems my Royal does a double space every once in a while. I will forgive it.

— MichaelRpdx :: rkmm

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