Despair Day

Well wow. I was woken wide awake at 2:00am with the news that Trump had tested positive for Covid-19. I could not get back to sleep after that news. Wait, why couldn’t I go back to sleep then? I do not really know. But I was up. The New York Times carried the story. One person was surprised on FaceBook After an hour or so the local paper, The Oregonian, had something. In the meantime, I kept looping news sites looking for something on it.

Why did I, do I Care?
What happened to sleep?
Where did I spend today?
Who do I really care for?
I sure as shit am not in touch with the Tao.

There is a bit of reality creeping in abouv Covid—19. I was/am living in a bit of a bubble. Wear my mask when IT am out in public. And it is all good for me. Well, except for my wife insisting, that I do not go into grocery stores, that I am too vulnerable.

A Short History

In 2017 I retired on September 15. On the 17th I fell and fractured my leg. On August 28 I went in for an aortic valve replacement. There were complications. I spent four weeks in the hospital and two more in rehab. A year later a side effect of my treatment for Hodgin’s Lymphoma, in 1976, surfaced and I had the upper left node of my lung removed. Now I am working on a full year out of the hospital.

End of the History

I do not know how Trump getting Covid-19 has triggered my fears about health. But today is the day. Fuckadoodle-doo.

I believe that people have their happiness levels set. If you are Optimistic, happy guy the circumstances don’t really affect your mood. If you worry and are prone to despair same thing. I am typically a happy guy. Optimistic.

Today is an exception. see you later, when I am back to being myself.

— MichaelRpdx :: hbb

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