National Coffee Day

National Coffee Day? How did I miss it? I am kinda lucky. I just happened to try a new roasting method. um, let me explain. I roast my own coffee. My wife loves it. We share some in the morning. Every day. It is usually Guatemalan though I have snuck some Java into the rotation. This, coffee roasting, has been going on since 2008, or sometime back then. I started out with very dark roasts. Then I got a bit lighter and now, well I am trying to hit “city” level of roasting. This was motivated by Tom of Sweet Maria’s talking about how they used to stop the roasting when the first crack started. And so I did. The coffee is resting now. I will have a report on it in a day or two. I might have to check with Sweet Maria’s about when they stop their roasting for a “city” level roast. Just as a sanity check. So I observed National Coffee Day with a new roasting style.

Woo Hoo!

~ MichaelRpdx :: h3k

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