Books and Pizza

I finished a book. As in I finished reading a book. Be nice if this happened each week, but not yet for me. (By the way, I understand you should not start a piece with “I” but I did and do it today.) But yes I finished reading a book and what makes this one special is it is/was a Kindle book. I have not finished a Kindle book since . . . I do not recall how long it has been. Well, in reality, I have finished reading a couple of other books. De La Vaca Al Queso y De La Flor A La Miel. are the two of them. They are also children’s books. I got them from the library to work on my Spanish. Right? If I do not understand all of the vocabulary intended for kids around five years old. Well, I need to learn some more. Which I have. Do you count these books in the list of what you have read? Spoiler: they talk about milking cows and making cheese and transporting it to stores. If you wanted a surprise when you read one of these, or that book, sorry. I could have let you hang in the suspense of the book. I have three of the six in the series. I need to order Del Tomate A La Pizza, that one has to be a thriller. Perhaps it will bring back memories of pizza my wife and I had in Buenos Aires. They are, I swear, half Italian there in Argentina. But, in truth, their pizza is not like what you will find in Italy. There was one in a place called “Kentucky Pizza” we ordered a pizza for the two of us. And, oh my, CHEESE half an inch deep with an olive embedded on each slice. The big thing about their pizza was an offering for extra cheese. We saw it with our eyes, eat as much as we could eat and that was less than half a pizza and we still don’t believe in extra cheese. My wife has made a “cheese” pizza with a full pound of cheese on it, not often, but once in a while, and those pizzas were New York style in comparison to what Kentucky Pizza serves to people. Lucky for us pizza is an international word. They offer something called pizza and you are in for a good time. It may not be like what you are used to eating but it will be ready to enjoy. This is getting too deep in memories here.

More Later.

-— MichaelRpdx

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