Interrupted while reading a special good passage I looked for a bookmark. Nothing was at hand, so I stuffed another book into the book. I remember my mom having bookmarks, I recall getting cardboard ones from bookstores. What else have I used? Bookmarks are important for the reader who does not want to be hunting around looking for where they left off. Or for someone how had to do something else right then and the book was not at a place to leave a book. Recently I have used the call slips, the ID that I had a book on hold, that went home with me. They made for dandy bookmarks. For a book that is mine and if it is one that I am writing in, as I have taken to doing lately, a pen makes for a dandy bookmark. Or a pencil if I am using one of those if I am uncertain about what I am writing in the book. A paper clip, especially if it is one that has something attached to it, like a skull from Dia del Muertos, like one I received in the mail. If the newspaper is handy, when one is handy, which it is less and less often nowadays, tearing a section from it is a fine marker, especially if you get the date or a comic or something else to signify what you ripped it from. If a magazine is handy an advertisement for subscribing makes an even better one. Fits the book nicely, has some nice heft to it, yes that one is pretty nice. With a fancier one that comes with a covering that has enough, (what is that thing called?), it goes well with a hardbound book. And it is also very nice to have something made for the purpose. Maybe of leather or sewn-up stuff with your name embroidered onto it. If you can find the thing.

— MichaelRpdx

This comes from an entry in my journal on 2020-11-21. I had looked all over for it. Is it in my list of lists, one of those books you can and should write? No. What it in a file on my computer somewhere? No. Did I put it into my Wiki where I put things that stores many things of varying values? No. I decided to look for it in a journal I keep with pens and paper. It just needed to be found. It needs an index kept along with it. Um, yeah,


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