Three Sisters

Sisters. Don’t you love sisters? If you have two or more you understand. So closely related, yet so different. In my family, there was myself and two sisters. When we were young, preteens, they competed in being my favorite. I really did not get it, but I did enjoy it.

Yesterday the third sister arrived. The eldest was tall and willowy. The middle sister was sinewy and kind clingy. The youngest, well we are waiting to see how it turns out. We expect it to be sorta broad. Spreading out.

We gave the oldest space to grow in. The middle sister is close to the first one, so it can grow up close to the first one. The youngest one got a place to itself. We are waiting to see how they turn out. Time will tell.

These sisters are corn, beans, and squash. They have been planted together for generations. Iroquois have used this method for longer than I know. (Iroquois is easier to type than Haudenosaunee, try to substitute it in your mind.) Corn is planted first and in our case, it grew to six inches tall. The beans on either side of the corn. When they appeared and I ran out of patience we planted squash. Varieties of both beans and squash. We shall see how and which does the best.

Oops, this was meant to go out yesterday. More in the three sisters later.

— MichaelRpdx

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