Starting Again Habits

When I first stopped in here, I wrote about starting on something. I quoted Austin Kleon and Kent Peterson, I had written to Austin Kleon asking if he had originated the bit about things needing to be. And then expressed no expectation of hearing from him. He had had a tough week. But Lo! Behold! he did respond. Google but his reply in Social or Promotions or Updates or some damn place that I typically ignore. Why today I didn’t do that is just a bit of luck. He had replied, Four Days Ago. Crickey.

He wrote,

As far as I know, it’s an original
phrase, though not really an original
idea…. : )


So much for my pessimism. And as stated then, it doesn’t need to be good, it just needs to be. Each day I get to get more stuff to exist.

In truth, this is my third piece of expression. I start each day with Morning Pages, ala Julia Camerson. It is handwritten. No rules to it, just write. Well, and don’t read it for at least a week? a month? Whatever, I don’t read it. Then I take to my computer and add another post to my blog. (I hate the word “blog”. But I didn’t get to choose the term so I’m stuck with it. It’s about things I find in my curiosities. And then there is this, an OTP (a name that is ok.) And all of you know more about it than I do.

Handwriting, computer bits, and typed pages. Morning pages go back to April of 20L5 more or less consistently. Blogging goes in fits and starts for, well the current one, goes back to 2013. Though the early days were pretty sporadic. Well & sure there are written journals, especially in the early 80s but what is my point here? I just keep on trying. And I do have pair of things to quote, and to make so something exists.

And another page exists.

— MichaelRpdx :: osm5

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