Staring and Burgers

It is hard to type. Very hard to type with staring your way on its way. There are 43 turkeys staring at me. Tonight. And tomorrow. And the day after that until Thanksgiving arrives. I think. They may not leave quickly. They may stay the weekend. 42 of them, all staring at me.

In San Antonio, New Mexico, there is a bar and cafe that has been there since 1945. They serve, among many other things, what is, or perhaps was, the finest Green Chili Cheese Burger in the world. Better than the Owl Cafe in Albuquerque. Certainly, I had a few whenever my travels took me south (I lived in Albuquerque from 1985 until a day before 1990) I would have one. So that has been over 30 years and I still remember the Owl Bar & Cafe’s green chili cheese burgers. I cannot think of another burger or sandwich that sticks in my mind.

There are other foods I remember from New Mexico. The Frontier’s breakfast of which there were several things to have and none stood out. There was Fry Bread cooked in a cast iron skillet under the open sky in (sorry to say) a reservations food by the road. There was a question, a first for me, when I ordered chilie for lunch I was asked what kind I wanted. ?? Red or green? I had to answer green because I had never had it before. There was a place right around the corner, a Mexican place I usually had burritos there. But one day I ordered posole. “Do you know what it is?” Sure. They had me describe it. And then, only then, did they serve it to me. And it was free. They did not seem to believe that I liked it.

What a memory lane today.

——- MichaelRpdx :: h3k

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