Pairings – Food and Not

Roasting coffee fills’ the house with (what? three (four or five) typo errors in the first line? aw c’mon, wake up here) wonderful aromas. Our house smells mostly of Guatemalan coffee. My wife loves Guatemalan flavors and there are so many to choose from, so be it. This morning she offered to finish my coffee because its flavor did not, in her mind taste good with my food. Dan Dan Noodles were my leftovers served for breakfast. I thought they tasted fine as a combination. Consider:

Good Taste           Bad Taste
Pancakes             Orange Juice
Chili, the dish      Apples
Pie, any kind        Gaspacho (Gazpacho?) (sp)
Pizza, leftovers     Sushi
Peanut Butter        Chinese Food in General
Cheesy Grits         Pickles

You understand how foods either, well mostly, really augment each other and damn you want more. Other combinations bring eating to a halt. No more now.

I have wondered how Chinese cuisine would be different today if they had coffee for hundreds of years. Let us enjoy the lighter flavors of tea and its pairing with foods.

For better or worse our July 4th weekend is starting off with a frozen flat house. Thawing out the refrigerator which had become a block of ice. So we are eating a bunch of now thawed foods. Many of them (a lemon pound cake at the moment) taste wonderful with coffee. Not So with the very flat tire on my car. Fortunately, this did not happen on the trip to and from Billings. The car picked up a roofing nail. I decided to pair that with some needed maintenance. While not as tasty as coffee with anything on the good list above I am killing two birds with one stone here. I think my metaphors are getting a bit thick here.

I put this aside for a bit. I go sit and sleep.

The car repairs take too long again. I will not make it to the library before it closes. That, I guess, is ok. There are a half dozen library books lying around to be read. It will wait for me.

— MichaelRpdx :: ih3k :: 2022-07-01

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